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Frank Buglioni: Wise words from a "wise guy"


by @shaun_brown

Frank Buglioni seems to tick all the boxes in his quest to become one of British boxing’s stars of tomorrow. The 168lb powerhouse is personable and affable outside the ring as well as ruthless and entertaining inside it, but the 23 year old refuses to get carried away with his story so far.

The Londoner is honest enough to admit that his all action style will need to be reigned in if he is going to do compete against the bigger fish that are soon going to seek him out.

For now, 2013’s goals are simple: Five more fights, five more wins with the possibility of a year end Southern Area title fight.

Buglioni’s eighth contest comes on March 16 at London’s Wembley Arena, a night that’s billed as ‘Rule Britannia’ for the headline acts. For undercard guys like Buglioni it will be a case of pastures new. In this case his first trip over eight rounds.

“I always like to fight at a high tempo but going from six to eight rounds means I’ll have to pace myself a bit more and wear my opponent down. I’ll still be able to fight in the bursts of speed that will unsettle my opponent and capture the audience,” Buglioni said when speaking to Livefight.

(Writers note: On day of interview 11.02.13. no opponent had been chosen as of yet. An announcement is expected this week)

The audience is playing in an integral part in the career of Buglioni. Even from his days as a gun slinging amateur, the fan base was already there. Now the numbers are growing as is the noise from his droves of followers! You’ll definitely hear them before you see them and whether that is at the sacred York Hall or the more glamorous surroundings of Wembley, the Buglioni army never fails to amaze their hero.

“I’m overwhelmed by it all to be honest. My brother has a good group of friends and I come from a big family so they’re all in there too. My supporters know their boxing as well so they’re there to have a good time; they’re not hostile in any way. It’s definitely contagious when I’m fighting,” he confessed.

And with that comes a danger. Can the likeable lad from Enfield take all that energy and turn it in to ring smarts instead of looking to finish his opponent early? So far, five of his seven contests have not gone the distance. Buglioni won’t shy away from a ‘fight’ and will look to end things sooner than later if the opportunity arises. But even at this baby stage in his career, he and trainer Mark Tibbs are already working on ironing out the rawness that could prove to be his own banana skin.

During the interview, Buglioni revealed that work on his jab and head movement are just two examples of his ring DNA that are looking to be improved.

“I’ve gotta be sensible but I’m still gonna throw my shots with venom. I’ll tighten up my defence of course but that’s improving with every fight. I’ve got to try and not depend on my power and remember to box which is something I neglect,” he said.

“With each passing fight I know my opponents will look to tighten up even more but I’ll still get to them.”

Buglioni is trying to achieve the perfect balancing act of boxing, winning and pleasing the fans. His role as crowd pleaser is hugely important to him no matter what needs to be worked on.

“I do think there’s an obligation for fighters to entertain. The people pay a lot of money to come and watch me fight.”

The fans matter, his family matters but boxing seems to consume Frank Buglioni no matter where he is or what he is doing. If he’s not fighting he’s training and if he’s not training he’s watching. Development and learning is something he takes very seriously. His love of the sport drives him. Hard work and dedication is what will undoubtedly improve him.

Of course, given the historic involvement of Great Britain in the super middleweight division it would be impossible not to mention the greats of years gone by to the men who carry the torch right now. Guys like Benn, Eubank, Collins and Calzaghe have given us stories to talk about till we die. Carl Froch continues to be the division’s ultimate warrior while James DeGale and George Groves are modern day arch rivals with one eye being kept on them by British champion Kenny Anderson. And in the distance is a pack of British bulldogs that will be looking to get their teeth into each other in years to come.

As well as Buglioni, names such as Rocky Fielding, Callum Smith and Hosea Burton are just four that could very well pick up from where previous names have left off. Buglioni is eager for domestic dust ups and rivalries that will continue to thrill boxing fans up and down the country.

“All of the guys you just mentioned are likely to be domestic rivals and I think the four of us will no doubt face off in the years to come. Obviously some of us are gonna go further than others, me being one of them, but out of the lot I think Callum Smith is someone that will be there with me. Callum’s a very good fighter and I can see me and him having a good rivalry in the future.

“Right now I’ve got to keep working hard and develop all the time because you’ve only seen a little bit of what I can do.”

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