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12.10.07 Mayweather's defence...of dancing

Mayweather defends his dancing feet

by Mark Doyle, 12 October 2007

Floyd Mayweather has defended his decision to appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ by claiming that it will boost the popularity of boxing.

The sport, according to Mayweather, is ‘going nowhere’, but he believes the publicity his participation in the US reality TV show has attracted will generate increased interest in his exploits in the ring.

And that is why the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter was prepared to alter his training schedule for his eagerly-anticipated welterweight bout with Britain’s Ricky Hatton on 8 December to facilitate some stuff-strutting on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

"This is pushing me to the limit, as far as taking on two big challenges at the same time: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and fighting one of the biggest fights in welterweight history," the unbeaten American said.

"It's something I enjoy, the fans enjoy and it’s going to bring non-boxing fans to boxing - because the sport of boxing is going nowhere."

Mayweather’s status as the world’s number one fighter is beyond dispute but he has been repeatedly criticised for being too cautious in his bouts.

However, ‘Pretty Boy’ is promising to put on a scintillating display when he collides with Hatton in Las Vegas on 8 December.

"He's a tough fighter, a brawler, but me myself being an exclusive boxer I'm going to show off my versatility," he explained. "I'm going to go out there and get the fans excited.

"I think they want a little bit more excitement in this fight than they saw in the Oscar de la Hoya fight (his last outing) , because that was a smart chess match.

"But I'm going to go out there and just be the best Floyd Mayweather. I'm going to go out there and get the fans excited because that's what they really want.”

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