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18.10.07 Hatton Mayweather Live Stream

By Mark Staniforth, PA Sport

Ricky Hatton insists he will not let Floyd Mayweather off the hook for a single second when the pair clash in their huge WBC welterweight title showdown in Las Vegas on December 8.

Hatton has been poring over tapes of the self-styled 'Pretty Boy' in action and has come to the conclusion his famous come-forward style is perfect to dethrone the sport's pound-for-pound number one.

Hatton, who is midway through his gruelling 13-week training regime at his gym in Manchester, said: "My heart will explode before I leave him alone for a single second.

"I intend to put the pressure on him right from the start and leave plenty of gas in the tank for the last six rounds. I have no doubts that as fast as he goes back, I will go forward just as fast."

Hatton has taken particular heart from Mayweather's performance in his first fight against Jose Luis Castillo - the big-punching Mexican whom Hatton demolished in four rounds in Las Vegas in June.

By contrast, Mayweather struggled against the come-forward Castillo and was considered highly fortunate by many observers to escape with a unanimous decision victory.

Hatton added: "Floyd has been at the top of his game for a long time now and I probably know more about his style of fighting than most fighters out there.

"I have been constantly watching his tapes and know his strengths and weaknesses. It is very pleasing for me to see that the fight in which he was least comfortable was his first fight with Castillo.

"Castillo was able to bully him into the ropes.

"Castillo is not stronger than me and was able to do that and Oscar De La Hoya also put the pressure on and he didn't like it.

"I understand I'm the underdog in this fight but in his fights against pressure fighters he looks less comfortable.

"As far as I'm concerned, he is going to have to knock me out to win - he can't outpoint me."

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