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KO King Thurman "Amir Khan has no business at 147"


By @Supstrjnr

With Amir Khan moving up to welterweight, a Khan v Thurman match would be easy to make promotionally with both fighters under the Golden Boy banner.

So spoke to Keith 'One Time' Thurman to see whether he thought a hypothetical Khan fight to go the full twelve rounds?

"You know with my motto being ‘KOs For Life’ I don't see a lot of fights going twelve rounds!" declared the unbeaten fighter.

"I beat my head over the simple fact I got two fights on my record that went the distance. I really don't understand why fights go the distance - if you're really fighting, somebody should be getting beat up and beat down.

"He couldn't take Danny Garcia's left hook at 140. I really don't think Amir Khan has any business stepping up into the 147 division.

"He's really not my cup of tea. I'm hungry for something else." he said of the Bolton born Olympian, whom is rumoured to be facing off against the current IBF welter champion Devon Alexander towards the back end of 2013.

"If they had good reason and Al Haymon said 'we got to take care of this guy', then we'll do it. I called out the world of boxing and I'm a man of my word. Keith Thurman's not afraid of fighting nobody. I got another saying, which is "I got an 0, and I'm not afraid to let it go". It means unlike a lot of people who want to protect their fighters, I'm not worried about being protected. I will protect me in the ring. Let ME protect me. I'm just a throwback, I'm old school, man. I'm pretty much a pride fighter not a prize fighter. I'm ready to take out everybody in the welterweight division. So anybody who wants to step up into the welterweight division they can get a piece of One Time Thurman."

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