News September 2013

Groves 'Adam Booth dumped me via text message'


By @Livefight

George Groves has revealed that it was Adam Booth that called time on their relationship by declaring via text message that he no longer wanted to work with him.

"Adam informed me by text that he didn’t want to train me anymore, he said our working relationship was over," Groves told Talk Sport.

"I’ve got a big fight coming up, so I needed to find a new trainer and I’m very, very fortunate to now be working with Paddy Fitzpatrick.

"I’ve worked with Paddy before, so nothing’s really new to me, there’s no need for that period when you need to build a bit of chemistry.

"It’s exciting times for me really."

When the unbeaten super middleweight was asked if he saw it coming, the 25-year old was not really that shocked.

"Not really, we had a close working relationship, so you get to know people pretty well. What appears to be happening on the outside isn’t always what’s going on in-house.

"It was a little bit of rearranging if anything, it only took a couple of days and I’m more than happy with my current situation.

"Knowing Carl Froch and how insecure he is, I’m sure the news brought joy to him ahead of our fight. He said to me in a press conference, ‘oh where’s your trainer?’, and I just told him not to worry about it.

"He was so eager to spread the news that he told you guys."

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