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Froch: I'm going to make George Groves a YouTube star


By @Livefight caught up with IBF & WBA super middleweight champion after his appearance on Ringside last week, after it appeared that his unbeaten opponent George Groves seemed to really get under the Nottingham man's skin.

36-year old Froch will be squaring off against the new kid on the block in the unbeaten 25-year old from Hammersmith. The challenger has scored some serious knockouts on his way to the big stage and boldly promises to end the Cobra's reign by knockout too.

The Matchroom promoted fight will be aired on Sky Box Office on November the 23rd.

LF: Hi Carl, and firstly thanks for sparing us your time so close to the fight. We're going to go straight into it - did Groves upset you on the Ringside show Thursday night ? He looked like he was getting under your skin a bit?

"Yeah that's how it might come across but to be honest, I'd say he got more on my nerves than under my skin. He's just pest really and I wasn't in a mood to play ball with him.

"I'm past the point of winning and losing mind games. I behave how I feel and don't feel pressure to play a role anymore." said Froch

LF: It seemed like he was pressing all the right buttons ?

"I'm renowned for being like a bear with a sore arse near fight time. So just looking at him was enough for me. Nothing to do with his words or stories, just his face did the trick. Like I said, he is trying to convince himself more than anything.

"I can't put my finger on it, but he's just got this like... odd personality and in reality Groves is just an awkward fit when it comes to trash talk - I just have disdain for him. When the fight was made I had no emotion about it, because Groves just doesn't get my blood pumping as a threat or a character.

"I suppose at least he's injected a bit of spite in me, a desire to wipe that childish smirk off his face if nothing else. He thinks he's done a grand job of winding me up, but having determination and being wound-up are totally different concepts.

"This fight is more about me going out there and stamping my authority on the division yet again by seeing off a young pretender - and his play ground chatter was that poor that I actually felt a bit sorry for him."

LF: He mentioned that he'd been wanting to fight you in particular for a while, before this mandatory shot was afforded to him. It would appear that you were cordial with each other before this fight was announced, yet he revealed he quietly wanted your scalp for some time?

"Yeah, actually his comments about demanding to Adam Booth that he should be let off the leash to fight me on the way home from the (Bute) fight confirms his attitude at ringside that evening.

"I destroyed Bute and was celebrating. I glanced at ringside and Booth was cheering and punching the air - everyone was - except gormless George. He just sat there with that blank face you kept seeing on ringside.

"Then his face looked like his world caved in. Thinking back now about it, he thought he'd get the scraps after Bute being victorious.

"That's him all over though, snide."

LF: You sparred many times and various things have been alluded by both of you. Can you tell us anymore about those sessions than is already out there ?

"It was more a favour to Groves really. (Adam) Booth would run him up to Nottingham or wherever and you know, we did a bit here and there a few years ago. I'd also give him little props in interviews and get behind him, you know the kind of thing, dropping his name. Just to give this kid a boost.

"I never actually told anyone I'd floored him. I've floored a few people but there's no honour in telling anyone, otherwise nobody would train with you!

"But he went around telling people it happened - and now his big ego is kind of trying to re-write the story by saying he then came back a few days later and did a number on me. Like it was some sort of vendetta, when in reality it was just a work out. Well at least it's how I saw it.

"He's definitely deluded, claiming he ruined me in sparring after I'd dropped him ? The reality is I eased off him. I didn't want to shatter his confidence with another whooping. I viewed him as a boy with like 7 or 8 fights that I'd taken under my wing. My brother and the other lads at the gym were extra supportive when he came back after being dropped. We have the footage and if I was spiteful I could have put it out there.

"I could have put it up after his chums did a video taking the piss out of me on Youtube. I could have easily just floated that footage out there as a response couldn't I but that's not my style and is a bit snide. That video dug me out a little bit didn't it? (laughs) but your skin gets a lot thicker over the years and lot of stuff is tongue-in-cheek.

"Anyway, as I was saying, sparring is sparring, no need to demolish him again and again. As far as I viewed the sessions, it was a bit of a work out, like some cardio. If I knew we'd square off in the future I'd have bounced him off the deck every round.

"Mentally he needs to keep reassuring himself because he knows the truth. I could have pulled him up on it but I decided to leave it out there as it adds more spice. More intrigue, definitely.

"At the end of the day, nobody remembers any of the hot air when he's waved off by the ref and helped back to his stool - whilst big Eddie lifts me in the air - do they ?" he laughs.

LF: So you were definitely NOT about to cry then at George's comments then?

"Ha, I make no apologies for being tired and irritable. I've trained as hard as I always do and I couldn't be bothered to engage. It was tedious.

"Over a decade I have gone through the motions with smack talk and his banter is just terrible, especially when he delivers it with that squeaky voice. He sounds like when you step on a dog toy in the garden.

"It was a fair old trip to London and back, so close to the fight .... and upon arrival I could have just flattened him there and then initially, before I just got tired of his presence. Just looking at him in his badly tailored suit began to wind me up. I was trying my hardest not to yawn at him and began glazing over.

"But I suppose it makes for interesting television for the fans. Sometimes you see people bumping up the animosity to sell tickets. There is no need to bump anything up - I'm going to dissect this badly tailored oddball .... and then chin him.

"I'm counting down the hours until I make gormless George a YouTube star for all the wrong reasons. He's gonna be a highlight reel job." he concluded.

"My final word on it all is this. Some people say it's come too early for him, but the reality is he'd never beat me."

LF: Thanks Carl and may the best man win on the 23rd.

"I will"


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