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Damian Wills talks Prizefighter, what shape heís in, opposition and tactics


By Michael J Jones

A surprise entrant to Thursdayís ĎUK vs USAí heavyweight Prizefighter is Damian ďBoloĒ Wills. With just 36 seconds of ring time in the last two years, Wills enters the tournament after making a short-lived comeback in August. The Los Angeles heavyweight took apart Dante Craig in less than a minute in an explosive return.

Now 31-3-1 (24), ďBoloĒ has heavy hands and has only lost to solid contenders in Chris Arreola, Kevin Johnson and Oliver McCall in his career so far. After taking time out following injury (occurring in the McCall bout), Wills is, at 33-years-old, ready to put everything into his goal of becoming a world heavyweight champion. Winning Prizefighter may be the spring-board on the way to that goal.

Livefight grabbed a quick word with Damian this week to hear his thoughts on Prizefighter and see what condition heís in-

LF) Hi Damian how are you finding London?

DW) I love it itís totally different to me and, where I come from, people donít expect a guy like me to be in London. Iím very happy to be here.

LF) You only landed here very recently are you feeling any jet-lag?

DW) I got here yesterday (Sunday) but had a good sleep after being awake nearly 24 hours so feel fine. I think Iíve adjusted already and I feel good.

LF) How much notice have you had for Prizefighter?

DW) It was confirmed about a week ago but Iíd heard I was being considered two or three weeks ago.

LF) What kind of shape are you in for the tournament?

DW) Well I was meant to be fighting a little while ago and it got cancelled so Iíve been in the gym training and feel in good shape. I was 274lbs for my last fight, Iím way lighter than that now. I was 258 the last time I weighed myself so I shouldnít be any more than 265.

LF) Do you know much about your opposition for Thursday?

DW) Not really. I know Jason Gavern through Facebook and heís a good guy. I donít know Brian Minto and I think James Toney will be the biggest threat.

LF) Many people are saying Toney is shot and shouldnít be fighting any more. Can you comment on that?

DW) I donít really have an opinion on that. James Toney has been a great fighter and a great champion and if he can still do it (box well) then thatís good for him.

LF) Have you thought about your tactics for Thursday?

DW) Iím just going to go with the flow and take every fight as it comes. Everybody over here is saying itís important to start every fight fast but Iím a pretty fast starter anyway. Iím not one for out-playing opponents, I look to hurt them and go for the knock-out.

LF) Are there any concerns for you regarding ring rust after less than a round in two years?

DW) Not at all, Iíve been feeling really good in training and sparring so Iím not worried about that.

LF) Have you a message for the fight fans and Prizefighter rivals who may be reading?

DW) Iím not a big talker but I appreciate being here in London and Iíve come to win the tournament.

LF) Thank you for talking to Livefight today champ.

Matchroomís heavyweight Prizefighter will be on Sky Sports 1 from 8pm on Thursday (November 14th). James Toney, Wills, Jason Gavern and Brian Minto make up ĎTeam USAí while Michael Sprott, Larry Olubamiwo, Tom Little and Matt Legg make up the UK team.

Olympic champion Anthony Joshua is also on the bill in his third pro contest.

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