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Groves: Froch thinks he is the greatest fighter of all time


By @Livefight

Groves relishing Froch challenge ahead

Unbeaten George Groves is full of confidence as D-day approaches and he goes to war with Carl the Cobra Froch live on Sky Box Office November 23rd.

The Hammersmith super middleweight said "He's very insecure. He has a superiority complex which is great when you are the greatest fighter of all time, but when you're not, that will help you come unstuck."

The 25-year old with 15 knockouts from 19 professional outings believes that having seen him fight so often, and even sparring Froch, has given him the tactical edge.

"I've seen enough of him to know enough about him. Whenever you fight another Brit, especially a Brit that is doing well, you see them on TV interviews, you see them here an everywhere and people talk about him.

"I've got to know his personality a little bit and you have to use that to your advantage. He's shown me weaknesses in his personality as well as in his boxing ability. I'll take advantage of all of it.

"He has insecurities in that he cannot really comprehend that I'm worthy of fighting him. Because not only am I worthy of fighting him, I'm going to give him a good fight and I'm going to beat him.

"I'm going to beat him like he's never been beat before. At some point that will dawn on him and it will probably dawn on him too late."

Froch has suffered two losses, but only at the top level against Mikkel Kessler and pound-for-pound American star Andre Ward. The Nottingham man reversed his loss to Kessler back in May, but Groves feels that he is mentally weak.

"His mental toughness isn't there. You've heard it before that he falls apart before fights in the changing room and even when you watch him box, there's times when he looks hopeless. He's looking to his corner and all he can do is wade in.

"If the fighter gives it to him then he's got it, but there have been many times where he hasn't won a fight, someone else has lost a fight."

"He's a tough man and he will keep coming. He's ignorant in that he doesn't know when he's been beat. He's been in fights before when he's got no chance of winning, but he's found a way. You've got to respect that.

"But as I say, I feel the opponents he's boxed have thrown it away rather than he's won."

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