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Haye vs Fury OFF again after secret shoulder surgery


By @Livefight

David Haye shoulder surgery

David Haye might well have fought for the very last time it has been revealed. One thing for sure, his rescheduled fight against Tyson Fury for February is definitely OFF.

German specialists have performed re-constructive surgery on the heavyweight's shoulder and now recommend that he should hang up the gloves for good or risk permanent debilitating issues in later life.

The operation was to his ruptrued right subscapularis and bicep tendon attachments.

"I genuinely believed the shoulder injury wasn't that bad. But the doctor sent me for a detailed MRI scan and within 24 hours I was told the full extent of the damage. Twenty-four hours after that I was in the operating theatre.

"It's a crushing blow for me. I had big plans for next year and the ultimate goal was to win back the world heavyweight title, something my amazing fans deserve.

"What I didn't anticipate was that this year would be the unluckiest of my career and that a number of injuries would disrupt my plans so much. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be. The boxing Gods keep hinting that maybe enough is enough and that it's time to finally hang up my gloves.

"The surgery and subsequent results are a bitter pill to swallow because I truly felt I had a lot more to offer and was looking forward to paying back my loyal fans with some great fights in 2014.

"But I've been boxing for 23 years now, amateur and pro, and this has clearly taken its toll on my body.

"I can only offer my sincerest apologies to all those fans who have followed me over the years and, like me, wanted to finish on a real high. This wasn't how I wanted to end 2013.

"If I'm now destined to have won the European Championship, the unified world Cruiserweight championship and the WBA heavyweight championship of the world - with a record of 28 fights, 26 wins, 24 victories coming via knockout and only two defeats - then so be it. I'm proud of these achievements and consider my boxing career a huge success."

Tyson Fury tweet

Tyson Fury had the following to say (CLICK IMAGE)

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