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Darnell Boone wants Andre Ward rematch, breaks down a Kovalev-Stevenson bout


By Michael J Jones

A lot of the time in boxing, records really do not do justice to a fighter. Take Youngstown contender Darnell Boone. Despite sporting a so-so 19-21-3 (8) ledger, the super-middleweight is the only man to have beaten reigning WBC light-heavyweight ruler Adonis Stevenson and has also pushed the likes of world 168lb king Andre Ward and WBO light-heavyweight champion Sergey Kobalev to the wire (dropping both before losing very close decisions).

Turning pro after a short amateur career in 2004, Boone was soon taking on all comers and very often on short notice. Despite the spotty record, Darnell has proven himself a dangerous fighter over the last nine years and is never an easy nightís work for any level of opponent.

Now 33-years-old, the 5í9Ē Ohio man is currently training hard for a big 2014 and insists he is ready for anyone in his goal of becoming a world champion.

Hereís what he had to tell Livefight earlier this week-

LF) So a story I read this week says you got into boxing by accompanying your younger brother to the gym one day. You asked to fight someone so they let you sparÖKelly Pavlik?

DB) Thatís right. I remember it like yesterday. He tried to put me out but I held my own. Thatís when I knew I had something.

LF) You turned pro in 2004 and the following year faced the 6-0 Andre Ward over six rounds. Tell me about that fight?

DB) I fought him on a weekís notice. I felt I hurt him badly in the fight, when I floored him in the fourth they gave a late count. At the end I thought I had won but I feel they didnít judge the fight correctly. A lot of his punches caught my arms and gloves.

Note: one judge had it to Ward by just a single point.

LF) Ward was shaken and dropped a few times early in his career do you think his chin improved with stepping up to 168 or is he just too defencively adept at avoiding punches now?

DB) I honestly feel that nobody has really hit him flush since I did. We still donít really know now whether his chin is suspect or not.

LF) Was there ever any talk of a rematch?

DB) Yes they called me a couple of times but it was never made. Iíd fight him again right now.

LF) Youíve fought so many top-rated fighters in your career; who was the best you fought out of them all?

DB) My favourite was Anthony Thompson, we fought on Showtime. He was good we had a great fight.

LF) You are the only fighter to have beaten WBC champion Adonis Stevenson. You flattened him early in the second with a big right. Were you surprised when you knocked him out?

DB) Well Iíd wobbled him at the end of the first with an uppercut. In the second I threw a double jab and right and down he went. At the time I didnít even know the right had caught him like that (to knock him out).

LF) How much had he improved in the rematch you had earlier this year?

DB) It was the same as the Kovalev rematch, I donít know where their power came from in the second fights.

LF) You just mentioned Kovalev, you fought to a close split loss a few months after your win over Stevenson. Was that decision fair?

DB) After that fight I was 100% certain I had beaten him. I completely man-handled him and dropped him three times though only one was counted. If you had been there you would have said Iíd won.

LF) Two years later he stopped you in the return. What happened?

DB) I just donít know where he got that power from itís like he was on something. In the rematch he had ten-times more power. I mean, with him and Adonis Stevenson I donít understand how I can man-handle them both and then have that happen in the rematch when Iíve done exactly the same things?

LF) Who would win between the pair in your opinion?

DB) Iíd go with Kovalev. Even when I got the better of the first fight he was still strong. With Stevenson he just tries to set up his left hand but Kovalev has power in both hands and a little more boxing about his work.

LF) You are evidently a very good fighter with some very impressive wins to your credit. Do you ever feel angry that your record doesnít reflect your ability?

DB) I get bitter about the people Iíve been with who didnít look after me correctly but, in terms of the guys Iíve fought, Iíd box them again if I could go back. I donít regret none of it.

LF) Youíve officially had 21 defeats so far; how many of those would you say were genuine losses?

DB) About ten maybe. There were so many that I took on late notice though. Sometimes Iíd have two or three fights fall through in a month and end up taking one that just popped up.

LF) You fight soon against the 11-0 Morgan Fitch, what do you know about him?

DB) Heís ok Iíve sparred him before a couple of times. No disrespect to him but heís nothing special. We fight this Saturday.

LF) What does the future hold for Darnell Boone?

DB) I feel Iíve still got a lot of fight in me and, now I have the right team behind me, I still feel I can win a world title. I feel it in my heart I can win one if Iím given the chance.

Iíd box any of the champions around if I got offered a shot today as long as they gave me time to get ready.

After my next fight Iíll be dropping back down to 160. The last time I made that was 2009 for my fight against Louis Turner (a majority decision win) though that was under the weight. I like 160 itís a good weight for me.

LF) The big name in the middleweight division right now is Gennedy Golovkin; what do you make of him?

DB) He can box a little bit, got those heavy hands but I think I could beat him.

LF) Have you any message for your followers?

DB) Iíd just like to say for all my fans watch out for me this next year. Iím climbing up the ladder and ready to make a big splash.

LF) Best of luck with the year ahead champ.

DB) Ok thank you.

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