News December 2013

Anthony Farnell denies Smith's claims.


By @John_Evans79

Anthony Farnell got in touch with Livefight today to refute claims made by British and Commonwealth light middleweight champion Liam Smith in an interview with the online branch of Boxing News.

Smith defends his belts against Mark Thompson this Saturday and said in the interview;

"Thompson’s coach Anthony Farnell told me himself that I’d beat Ronnie Heffron and I’d beat Frankie Gavin who he used to train. He knows they’re both far better than Thompson so how the hell does he think Mark can beat me?"

Farnell insists he has never made any such claims. "I've never spoken to Liam Smith about Frankie Gavin and any mind games they are trying to play won't work with us. We're just laughing them off. I don't work with Ronnie anymore so have no real reason to deny that and Frankie Gavin would school Liam."

Farnell knows that defeating Smith won't be an easy task but is confident that Thompson will come out on top. "A while ago, Stephen Bell was training with me and we got offered a fight with Stephen Smith. I didn't think Stephen [Bell] was ready for the fight at the time so turned it down. Stephen Smith's dad collared me at a weigh in once and told me I was wise for doing that.

"What does that tell you about the fact that we've accepted this fight?"

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