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03.12.07 Hatton: Only Cuts will stop me

Ricky Hatton says the only way Floyd Mayweather can beat him on Saturday night is on cuts.

Hatton has needed around 100 stitches in his face down the years, and he fears his tendency to bleed could give the Pretty Boy a route to victory.

And that's way Mick Williamson could be the most important man in his corner when the big showdown gets under way at the MGM Grand.

He told The Sun: "The only way Mayweather could beat me is on cuts with those little fast slashing punches of his.

"Mayweather hasn't KO'd anyone for a while, although I don't want to end up with egg on my face by saying he doesn't punch hard enough to knock me out.

"There is no way he can outpoint me or outwork me so, realistically, Mayweather's only chance is to stop me on cuts - and with Mick in my corner . . . no chance.

"I've had to work hard and get myself to where I am along with my trainer Billy Graham's expertise and Kerry Kayes strength and nutritional work.

"Mick has been as important at getting me to this stage of my career as anyone.

"In fact, I think I'd have lost some fights if Mick had not been in my corner and able to work brilliantly on my cuts."

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