News December 2013

Crude James Kirkland wears down Tapia in 6


By @Livefight

Last night saw Texan James Kirkland move his record to 32-1 (28ko) with a grinding win over previously unbeaten 23-year old Glen Tapia in six rounds.

Starting brightly, Jersey-based Tapia popped the jab and unloaded a volley of shots in the face of the 'Man-dingo Warrior', whom returned to his corner looking busted up, with one eye swollen and what appeared to be a cut across the other eye.

His wounds were tended by Anne Wolfe , whom had reunited with Kirkland for the night, before he set back out to start executing his own game plan.

The crude, marauding style wasn't pretty on the eye and was exasperated by a 20 month absence from the ring, since his poor performance against the recently minted IBF champion, Carlos Molina.

Kirkland whipped shots in and around the guard. Despite telegraphing them, Tapia showed little in the way of footwork or head movement to avoid them. Youth and fitness allowed Tapia to fire back in spurts, but the lion's share of his efforts were spent tucked up and sitting on the ropes.

After eating a withering barrage of punches in the sixth, referee Steve Smoger had seen more than enough and stepped in to halt the action.

Kirkland bags another 'exciting fight' under his belt, but he looked very beatable.

I forecast he will be fed to Lara or even the recently defeated Trout on a future undercard soon.

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