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Fury and Hennessy deny any arrangement with Warren: Not Seen A Contract


By @Livefight

London (8 January) Peter Fury has responded to speculation that Tyson Fury has signed a promotional deal with Frank Warren, confirming that this is not the case.

The uncle and trainer of Tyson has clarified Hennessy Sports' position, that his 6'9" nephew continues his long standing and successful relationship with Promoter Mick Hennessy.

"Our Promoter is still Mick Hennessy!! We are currently awaiting the contract in a co promotion with Box Nation. Only then the deal is Done!!" Peter tweeted.

Earlier Mick Hennessy and Hennessy Sports released the following comments:

"These reports are not true, we have had an offer from Box Nation for Tyson to appear on three of their shows, but as yet have not received any contract to look at," Mick Hennessy said.

"Until something is agreed in writing and signed into, myself, Peter Fury and Tyson are still keeping our options open.

"We were told it would be 48 hours before we even receive any paperwork to look at and we are still awaiting any such communication."

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