News April 2019

Groves: I have offers from everyone. Meeting Al Haymon and Dibella next


By @Livefight

Hammersmith super middleweight George Groves says he is close to making a decision on his next promotional move and should have everything concluded in the next week.

"I had no promoter going in to my last fight and I got ripped off" says Groves of the Matchroom-promoted show.

"So it's probably best to have a promoter in this day and age to have a little bit of backing in the background. I'm not suggesting anything sinister but you never know.

"I have had great offers from Frank Warren, Matchroom, Sauerland and Golden Boy Promotions. I have got meetings next week with Al Haymon and Lou Dibella.

"I have a lot of various and interesting good offers and I will be making my decision in the next week or so." confirmed Groves.

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