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IBF order Froch-Groves rematch to take place within 90 days


by @livefight

It has been dominating the boxing headlines since it's controversial ending last November and after today's surprising events it appears that the Carl Froch-George Groves will rumble on.

With tweets, press releases and interviews galore the boxing public have never really known how close a Froch-Groves rematch was to happening. Now, thanks to Groves' appeal to the IBF, we may well be seeing it within 90 days as the governing body has ordered another Battle of Britain.

Earlier today, Froch released this statement which said Groves had been offered a seven figure sum to take the fight but had turned it down. Groves, without a promotional deal, may be on the wrong end of an 85-15& split should the fight go to purse bids.

As Froch's promoter, Eddie Hearn, has stated nothing really changes. His prize animal still has the two options of fighting Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in America or taking on Groves once again, a fight that may well break several British boxing records.

Will Froch vacate the IBF title? Will Groves accept an 85-15 split after turning down more? This never-ending story looks likely to carry on for a while yet.

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