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16.12.07 Alex Arthur nearly pays price

Alex Arthur

Alex Arthur admitted he almost paid the price for assuming his WBO super featherweight title fight against Steve Foster Jnr was over in the ninth round.

Arthur put his opponent on the canvas in Meadowbank and believed he had done enough to retain his interim title.

However, Foster came storming back to knock the Scot down with a booming right hand in the 11th round and almost cause a huge upset.

Arthur struggled to his feet, regained his composure and saw out the rest of the fight which he won in a unanimous points decision.

"It was just stupidity on my part that he caught me," he said.

"He never hurt me all night and he didn't hurt me with that punch. But he took me by surprise although I was up on my feet right away and my head was clear.

"I knew it was going to be a tough fight, he had a lot of support up with him and he's a proud guy.

"I had him down in the ninth and I thought then that it was all over. I looked over at him and I didn't think he would get back up but fair play to him, he did.

"But I took my foot off the gas, I shouldn't have done that I should have kept my foot on the gas all the way through the fight."

Foster was deducted one point during the fight for illegal use of the head and Arthur admitted that was the most difficult aspect of his evening's work.

He said: "He caught me with a butt just under the chin and it was a good butt.

"I know you shouldn't do these things but these things happen in boxing.

"He scrambled my senses at the time but I got over it."

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