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Hearn: Groves is now contesting the 15 percent split


By @Livefight

Matchroom boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed that Hammersmith Super Middleweight George Groves is currently contesting the IBF yet again, this time over the 85% / 15% split that forms part of the IBF rules for the Froch vs Groves II rematch that has been ordered.

Groves, stopped controversially in the challenge for Carl Froch's IBF and WBA titles, took his case over to America to campaign for the IBF to order an immediate rematch.

His case was successful, however, the long-standing IBF rules deem that because Groves is not top-ranked in their super middleweight rankings, he will get just a 15% split of the purse bid.

"Right now the IBF have ordered the rematch to take place, they have ordered a 85-15 split and George Groves has appealed that split." said Eddie Hearn to TalkSport.

"We have until February the 4th to come to some sort of agreement or the fight will go out to purse bids.

"If we don't agree terms, then 30 days later it will go to purse bids, which means any licence holder or promoter can bid on the fight.

"So if the Groves thing drags out, we could be forced into looking into the (Chavez Jr) option."

The news comes in contrast to Groves trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick earlier this week who went on record to say that:

"He isnít chasing Carl Froch for a pay day, he is chasing the rematch and Carl Froch just happens to be the opponent."

Hopefully the promoter can get both fighters to come to an amicable agreement to give the fans the fight they crave.

Listen to the full TalkSport interview * HERE *

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