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Eddie Hearn talks Selby, Froch-Groves & upcoming shows


by @nate_williams23

In the build-up to his first boxing bill of 2014 in Cardiff on Saturday, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn talks to LiveFightís Nate Williams about his expectations for the year.

He expresses his delight as boxing fans across the country have clamoured to the Brentwood-based promotionís action-packed shows from Glasgow to Manchester.

Hearn also addresses the importance of moving prospects Anthony Joshua and Luke Campbell forward as well as guiding the likes of Tony Bellew and Jamie McDonnell back on the path to a world title.

And of course, he expects a big announcement on the highly anticipated world title rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves in the next 48 hours.

LF: Lee Selby, you toured him round the country and now heís fighting in a sold-out Arena. Fantastic achievement.

EH: Itís been unbelievable. We didnít sign Lee Selby because he can sell tickets; I signed Lee Selby because heís a brilliant fighter. I also believe if you showcase a brilliant fighter around the country and then bring him home, the fans will come and they have. He is the biggest ticket seller on the bill in terms of the amount of personal sales heís made and itís a sell out so Iím over the moon. Munroe fancies it and why shouldnít he? Look at who heís beaten and then compare it with Selby so heís probably thinking itís all hypeÖ

LF: He thinks heís overratedÖ

EH: He does. If he is he will get found out but Iíve told Selby that this is his platform to shine and youíve got to go out there and look sensational. Not good. Sensational!

LF: you recently made a great fight with Burns-Crawford on March 1, a great international fighter coming to the UK so what are the chances if Selby keeps this up of arranging the likes of Orlando Salido and Jhonny Gonzalez to come over?

EH: When you have the backing of the people and youíre able to do it then we have a great chance of that in the future. Those fights are very real in my opinion but obviously he shouldnít make the mistake of looking past Munroe.

LF: Rees-Buckland is a kind of last chance saloon fight and a great warmup to our main course. What are your thoughts?

EH: Gavin looks really well. Iíve seen him so many times on Thursdays before fights and he doesnít want to talk. Heís jovial, heís made the weight perfect and I think you will see the best of Gavin Rees. You might be surprised with what you see on Saturday night. You canít underestimate Buckland though, because his engineís unbelievable! Heís so fit and heís fighting to save his career as well. They are both fighting for their careers. Thatís what makes this fight so exciting.

LF: Anthony Joshua is going to be a very busy man this year. Saturday Cardiff, March 1 in Glasgow and then 5 or 6 more before the end of the year.

EH: The great thing about this fight for Joshua is that itís in someone elseís hometown. Darch has sold 230 tickets and Joshua might even get booed but I want him to experience what itís like to be the underdog, not necessarily in the fight but from a fans perspective. So itís something a bit different for him and Darch will have a right go.

LF: Was his last fight against Hughie Fury a major factor when you were picking him as Joshís next opponent?

EH: Heís a decent fighter and he proved that going six rounds with Hughie Fury. Heís obviously got a decent chin and heís game. No disrespect to Hughie Fury though, you are talking about something totally different when it comes to Joshua. Youíre talking about one of the most exciting heavyweights thereís ever been. Thereís a lot of pressure on Anthony and this is only his fourth fight so there is already that big expectation.

LF: Next we go to Hull, Campbell, Coyle and Woodhouse final bow. Whatís going to happen?

EH: Campbellís fighting Scott Moises. Heís a real game kid and heís never been stopped. This is Campbellís first eight rounder and this will be his last warm-up fight before I put him close to title fights. Coyleís got Daniel Brizuela, a very decent fighter and former Olympian and I thought he was unlucky not to get a decision against Yordan in his last fight who is also a quality fighter.

Tommyís got a big year ahead of him and Iím keeping no secrets because Iím gearing up for Mitchell v Coyle in the summer and thatís one of the fights I desperately want to make because I think itís a great clash. Campbell will be ready for a British title by then as well.

Wooodhouse v Hamilton is a really exciting fight. Two great talkers, two great lads but McDonnell v Lee Wood is another 50/50 fight for the British title. Thereís lots of fights there to keep people excited and thatís nearly sold out as well. I donít know whatís going on with boxing fans at the moment, everyone seems to genuinely be interested and the gates are showing that.

LF: You just reminded me with McDonnell, Hall v Ward got made the other day so what are your thoughts on that matchup?

EH: I donít think itís a world title standard fight. I think itís a good advert for the north east but itís a fight for the British title not the world title in my opinion. Jamie McDonnell deserves to hold that belt. Heíll fight Randy Caballero for a shot at the winner of Hall against Ward. I wish both guys the best of luck and itís fantastic that they are both fighting for a world title but in my opinion, Jamie McDonnell is the world champion. Heís beaten Stuart Hall and heís certainly beat Ward but heís got a fight against Caballero, which is such a wonderful fight that it should be for the world title.

LF: March 15- Tony Bellew fights a former world champion on a cruiserweight bill and three quarters of the Smithís feature. Itís great for Bellew because it shows he wants to push on to the top level straight away.

EH: I think Brudovís the perfect fight for him really. If Tonyís going to compete at world level again, he has to be beating the likes of Brudov. Stephen Smith against Saucedo is a brilliant fight in an eliminator for the world title and of course his younger brother Callum on the bill. Dodson versus Fielding is selling so many tickets and Paul Smith will defend his British title. Kell Brookís going to have his last tune up on there. I think we are going to sell out that arena as well and itís brilliant!

LF: Whatís the status of Brook v Porter?

EH: Heís got six months as you know from when he won the title. Neither fighter can have a fight after April 10 because negotiations will start then. If Porter wants to defend his title he has to do it by April 10 which he will because everythingís going well. From then neither him or Brook can have a fight because they will be the mandatory fight.

LF: Youíve got a date in Manchester on April 19 so what will happen on that bill. I presume Quigg and Crolla will feature?

EH: Quigg will be defending his world title and Anthony Crolla will be on. The Jamie McDonnell fight with Cabellero will happen then. So thatís three quality world-level fights coupled with some English title stuff and Olympic heroes Campbell and Joshua. The Cards at the moment are absolutely top draw and Iím expecting another sell-out.

LF: Finally, What can we expect to be announced in the next few weeks?

EH: I hope to get Froch-Groves made. That is priority number one. The IBF made the rematch 85-15 split which George has contested so it may change or it may not. It does change the dynamics slightly because itís the guider of where we should be at with this fight. I think both fighters have accepted the fight will happen now so Iím hoping over the next 48 hours we will have some progress.

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