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30.12.07 Witter feels persecuted by Hatton snub...

Junior Witter has stepped up his campaign to secure a bout with Ricky Hatton by insisting that the Mancunian is avoiding him and by questioning his genuine fighting ability.

Witter believes that Hatton's avoidance of him is akin to persecution and says that the 29-year-old welterweight's rise to prominence came about because of good timing and his background.

"Hatton has avoided fighting me for years and he's still avoiding me," Witter told the Sunday Times.

"I look on it and think that life's not fair and that's just it. I've got a saying I use when a couple of my friends ask me how I'm doing. 'I'm still black,' I tell them. I could say, 'I'm still Irish or I'm still Pakistani.'

"Anyone who has been persecuted over the years for reasons that are unjust, that's how I feel sometimes. But that's life. Life's not fair and people aren't fair.

Witter is adamant that he will inflict a second straight defeat on Hatton after he was outclassed by Floyd Mayweather at the start of the month.

"Technically, he's limited. He has a big heart, he's fit when he steps in the ring and he's driven. He's also good at what he does, pressuring opponents and wearing them down.

"But that wasn't enough to beat Mayweather and it wouldn't be enough against me. Ricky was lucky because he came around at the right time, straight after Naz whose personality and arrogance people had grown to hate.

"Hatton was white, from Manchester, loved his football, drank too much and was a typical lad. His style was basic and easy to understand.

"Frank Warren built him up brilliantly and people tuned in because he's not an unlikeable guy. Every so often a fight between us would get close but then it would just go away again."

Witter knocked out Vivian Harris last time out:-

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