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Ryan Farrag ready for Jason Booth test


By @John_Evans79

For the last year, Ryan Farrag has wanted the opportunity to test himself. This Saturday night the 26 year old bantamweight finally gets his wish. Farrag, 10-1, will face a real examination of his credentials when he takes on decorated veteran Jason Booth.

The exciting Farrag will also get the chance to showcase his talent to a wider audience. The fight is his first of a new deal with Queensbury Promotions and will be televised live on BoxNation.

ďI canít wait for it,Ē Farrag told Livefight. ďIím really excited for it now. All the hard workís done. These are the fights that Iíve wanted since turning pro. You have your apprenticeship when you come in to the proís and now Iíve got those fightís out of the way. Some of those were possibly tougher than the better fighters who will come and fight. Jason Boothís a tough opponent but an exciting fight for me. I really canít wait.

ďMy manager, Neil Marsh, has worked really hard to get this fight for me and Iím really happy. I couldnít ask for a better fight really at this stage of my career. People will be able to see me a bit more too. That obviously helps being a pro, you donít want to be fighting and not being seen so itís good exposure for me.

ďI think one of my earlier fights was televised, I canít remember! Apart from that though, Prizefighter is the most exposure Iíve had [in 2011 Farrag fought in the super flyweight edition of Prizefighter. He beat Craig Lyon in an all out war before bravely losing to the excellent Lee Haskins]. Knowing the fights are being televised adds, I wouldnít say pressure, but you know everybody is going to be watching and you want to do well.

ďPeople come and see me fight and love watching me. Iím very aggressive so itís exciting to watch. Hopefully Iíll please the fans on the night.Ē

Booth has undoubtedly seen better days but surprised many with a brave but unsuccessful challenge for Lee Haskinsí British bantamweight title last November. At this advanced stage of his career, the former British flyweight and super bantamweight champion canít hope to keep pace with a young ambitious fighter like Farrag and will attempt to break up the rhythm of the fight and work when the scouser is resting. Unfortunately for the Nottingham veteran, Farrag is a constant ball of energy.

There has been an evolution in Farragís style over the last few months, undoubtedly aided by some top quality sparring with Kal Yafai. Since suffering a flash first round knockdown in a fight with Najah Ali last May, Farrag has altered his crowd pleasing style and countless rounds working with a sharp shooter like Yafai have sharpened him up still further. Farrag beat Luke Campbell in the 2010 ABA semi finals and hints that he is determined not to neglect his skills in the future.

ďYou canít just walk in with those kind of fighters. Not that I do just walk in, thereís method behind what I do. My style has changed quite a bit over these last few months and Iíve come in to my own. People might see a bit of a different side to me in this fight. Maybe a bit more clever in the work that Iím doing. I canít wait to get in and show everyone what Iíve been working on.

ďMy coach, Paul [Stevenson] says that sometimes my heart gets the better of me and thatís true. That [the knockdown against Ali] was a big learning curve for me and hopefully Iíve learned lessons from that. I have like I have done. I feel a lot cleverer in sparring and Iím able to land my shots without taking as many risks and giving my head away.Ē

Farrag will have plenty of company during this exciting new phase of his career. This Saturday, he shares the bill with Everton Red Triangle gym mates Steve Lewis, Jazza Dickens, Tom Stalker and Kevin Satchell.

ďItís gonna be a really good night. Weíve all been through camp together and weíve all been behind each other. Itís gonna be an exciting night. It reminds me of the old amateur days when weíd box on club shows and all get behind each other.

ďItís gonna be a really exciting night for the gym. Itíd be great if there was a show just for us! In the future I can see it happening. Itíd be brilliant wouldnít it!Ē

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