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Marcus Le Doux looks forward to Coldwell show


By Michael J Jones

Marcus Le Doux

On a talent-laden fight card this Saturday, three-fight prospect Marcus Le Doux embarks on his latest ring appearance on Coldwell Promotions ďCall of DutyĒ bill in Manchester.

Le Doux is trained by former good pro Scott Lawton and turned pro last year shortly before his 29th birthday. The Newcastle-under-Lyme fighter has already crammed a lot of excitement into his short career so far as he looks to build his ring experience.

Last June the middleweight puncher made his pro debut with a tough points win over Polish journeyman Robert Studzinski. Le Doux eventually won by 38-37 after taking a count in the last session.

Another points win followed over Dan Blackwell before Marcus travelled to Birmingham to tackle local hero Craig Cunningham in a rare battle of unbeaten prospects. After four action-packed rounds the local man had his hand raised though it proved a tough fight for both as both suffered trips to the canvas.

Now 2-1 (0) Livefight caught up with Marcus a week before his next fight to discuss his career so far and his hopes for the year ahead-

LF) So I guess the first question should be why did you turn pro as late as you did last year?

MLD) Well I started amateur late so it was just because of that really. I was 24 when I started as an amateur. Iíd always liked boxing but I could never find a gym near me so I played football instead.

I had 28 amateur fights won 17. I won quite a few titles such as the Midlands North West title. I would have loved to stay as an amateur longer but time was getting on and I knew if I left turning pro any longer Iíd run the risk of not being able to do as much as I could as itís a tough game.

LF) You won your first two contests on points before having that slugfest with Craig Cunningham. You were down in the first and second and he was also down in the second. Sounds like it was quite a fight?

MLD) The way I thought it was going in the first was I was winning the round but he caught me with a good shot when I had my hands down. That was at the end of the round so when the next started I was trying to make it up when he caught me again with some hard shots (to score a second knockdown). When he raced back in I then put him downÖit was a great one for the fans and Iíd definitely fight him again if it was over more rounds.

LF) For those who may not have seen you box how would you describe your fighting style?

MLD) Iím a busy fighter and throw a lot of shots and Iím also a good boxer but get involved a bit too much sometimes. My coaches donít like it and itís probably not good for me but weíre working on that.

LF) What are your hopes for the year ahead in your boxing career?

MLD) Keep busy and have as many fights as I can. Obviously Iíd like to keep winning but itís for the experience as I want to learn as much as I can. Iím playing catch-up because of my age. I think Iíll benefit when I step up for longer fights as Iím a slow starter and itís always going to be hard to get going in a four rounder. My dream in the long run is to win the British title. I know itís going to be very hard getting there but thatís my aim.

LF) Do you work away from the ring?

MLD) Yes Iím a plastererÖIím actually working on my house now (laughs). It is very hard work and gruelling especially when I go straight from work to the gym.

LF) What do you do to relax away from training?

MLD) I like to spend time with my mrs and daughter. I also watch ĎGame of Thronesí itís a great watch.

LF) Is there anything youíd like to add Marcus?

MLD) Iíd just like to thank my sponsors for their support.

Coldwell Promotions bring you an excellent show this Saturday at the Bowlerís Arena Manchester. ďCall of DutyĒ features a terrific main event in the British Masters Featherweight title bout between Ryan Doyle and Michael Ramabeletsa. Also on the show are Liam Hanrahan, Andy Jones, Neil Perkins and much more.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 01709 556 331 or by visiting

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