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Paul Butler - "I want Stuart Hall"


By @John_Evans79

At the top level, boxing is all about taking your opportunities. Over the past three months a perfect storm has developed ahead of Paul Butler, 14-0 (7 KOís). This weekend, the talented 25 year old from Ellesmere Port gets the chance to walk right into it.

Stuart Hallís unexpected rise to world title level has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for Butler. On Saturday British and Commonwealth super flyweight champion, Butler, will fight Argentinean Oreste Bernabe Nieva, 15-2-2 (6 KOís), for the vacant WBA intercontinental bantamweight belt.

Some behind the scenes negotiations have ensured that a victory will secure Butler a ranking with the IBF and make a fight with the winner of Hallís upcoming IBF world title defence against Martin Ward a probability rather than a possibility.

ďIím doing bantamweight for this fight. Iím challenging for the WBA Intercontinental at bantamweight. This is all in line for Stuart Hall next. We spoke to the IBF but that wouldnít sanction the lad Iím boxing for the IBF belt. The WBA have though. We spoke to the IBF and theyíre gonna rank me in the top ten if I win it and then the plan is for Stuart Hall straight after.

ďI think me and Stuart Hall would be a better fight than him and Martin Ward and a better fight than him and Jamie McDonnell again. That wasnít a classic last time and it wouldnít be a classic this time. The spars that me and Stuart have had have been absolute wars and I think that if we boxed itíd be exactly like that.

ďI donít like taking a step back but if I do, Iím not covering up. Iím always firing back. Itíd make for a classic and Iím sure the fans would like that fight. Iíd definitely step up and fight him at bantamweight.

ďI donít know how Ward has got a ranking in the IBF. Dennis Hobsonís pulled some strings there to get him in the top 15. Credit to him, heís got a shot at a world title and everyone dreams of a world title fight. I think heíll trouble Stuart Hall for the first few rounds but I think Stuart Hallís too big and too mature for Martin.

ďI think itís a fairly easy defence after four rounds. Everyone knows Ward is a nice stylish boxer and quick but Haskins got him out of there once it got rough and I just think Hall is a bit too big and powerful for him. Heíll come through and win by stoppage. Thatís my plan though. I want Stuart Hall.Ē

Until Hall gatecrashed the world scene with his exciting victory over Vusi Malinga last December, Butlerís sights had been set firmly on WBO super flyweight champion Omar Narvaez. Frank Warren has always pressed the importance of doing everything possible to secure home advantage for world title challenges and, while it would be almost impossible to tempt IBF champion Daiki Kameda and WBC ruler Srisaket Sor Rungvisai around the world to face Butler, the aging Narvaez may have been more open to suggestion. It should prove far easier to persuade the winner of the all North East battle between Hall and Ward to make the journey down the A1.

ďNarvaez hasnít really travelled much out of Argentina. He boxed Nonito Donaire in America but itíll involve putting a hand in a pocket to get him to travel but Iím sure Frank will do that. Home advantage is going to play a part and to bring a world title here is definitely the plan.

ďThe plan was to win a world title at super flyweight and go up to bantamweight eventually. Stuey Hall has won the bantamweight title though and itís a big opportunity because itís a fight I know I can win and a fight those around me know I can win. I wouldnít mind winning a world title at bantamweight Ė taking it off Stuey Hall Ė and have a defence or two. Iíd go back down if there was a title fight or eliminator at super flyweight.

ďItís good because Iím ranked with every governing body at super flyweight and after March 8th Iíll be ranked with two governing bodies at bantamweight and hopefully a world title fight coming straight after. Weíre in a good position at the moment.Ē

So far, Butlerís progress has been perfect. With no European title at super flyweight, the ĎBaby Faced Assassiní left the domestic scene behind last September and began taking on the type of tough South Americans that inhabit the lower weight classes. At the lower weights, high level fights can easily develop into hard fought, 200 punch a round wars but, so far, Butler has made easy work of the step up, barely losing a round during his unanimous decision victories over Miguel Gonzalez and Ruben Montoya. A devastating left hook to the body was a major factor in Butlerís rise through the British rankings but he is getting used to preparing for long nights

ďI always prepare right and I always prepare for twelve rounds. If I can Iíll go in and get rid of them in one but Iím prepared. If Iíve gotta do a tough twelve rounds Iím ready for it.

ďI think itís the hard work I put in in the gym [that has made the last couple of fights so straightforward]. If I didnít put that work in youíd see my losing a few rounds but I put the hard work in and the plan is always to win every round and not give the judges anything to question about. I want to win every second of every round and I go out there to stamp my authority on the fight right away and let them know whoís boss right away. I think the last two guys knew that I was the boss straight away.

ďWeíve been trying not to worry about just the left hook. I think that got me through domestic level and I wiped everyone out with it. Youíve got to have a Plan B and weíve been working on the right hand and right hook. I think youíll see in my last fight [against Montoya] that there were a lot of right hooks going in to the body, not just the left hook, and going around the side to the head. Itís about not just giving them one thing to think about but two and three things. If they think that left hookís coming all night theyíre gonna get on to it and counter it. Thatíll be my fault for not having a Plan B and C.Ē

With a world title fight within his sights, a promoter willing to bankroll his route to a world title and an ever growing army of fans, Butler couldnít be better placed.

ďIf you look at the Echo Arena last time it wasnít just my fans that stood and clapped, it was the whole arena. That shows the fan base Iím building at the moment. Now I headlining at Aintree and that shows the backing Iíve got from Frank and his team and everyone at the office that they think Iím good enough to headline shows. Itís a good bill and itís nice that they recognise that Iím good enough to headline it.Ē

Championship Boxing will be televised live from Aintree on BoxNation and BoxNation HD this Saturday night.

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