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Rob Hough : Working with Hatton reignited love of boxing


Comeback King Rob Hough “I’m in love with boxing again under Hatton”

By Michael J Jones

Rob Hough Boxer

As a writer sometimes it’s hard to know what to ask a young pro who has engaged in just one professional outing. Upon researching Stockport light-heavyweight Rob “Hot Stuff” Hough though I was reminded that sometimes there’s far more to a fighter than bare figures.

Hough turned pro last November in Bowler’s Exhibition Centre, Manchester with a second-round knockout over Bryan Richardson. The 6’1” puncher will return to the same venue this Saturday to take on Brighton’s Iain Jackson on Coldwell Promotions “Call of Duty” card.

As an amateur, Hough would have around twenty fights (including a defeat to Tony Bellew) before walking away from the sport for an astonishing eight years to concentrate on raising his family and running a successful restaurant business.

Talking to Livefight just days before his second contest, the 31-year-old starts by explaining his decision to walk away from boxing at the time he did.

“I’d just gotten a bit tired of boxing and had fallen out of love with it” says Rob. “I had quite a few times where I’d trained really hard just for my opponent not to show on the night. Those kinds of things got very frustrating plus me and my wife were trying for a baby and I had my business to look after so I left boxing at 22-years-old.”

With Hough’s business thriving and his boxing aspirations seemingly a thing of the past it took a chance request by a friend to get the old boxing bug back as he reveals…

“A friend who organises white collar boxing shows asked me to fight on a charity event.
I trained for five months to get my weight down and just fell back in love with all the training and sparring. I ended up returning to the amateurs and boxing a few more contests (winning all) for Macclesfield ABC.”

Note: Rob had previously boxed for Stockport’s Paramount ABC.

With his return to boxing a success, fate would surprisingly provide the final missing piece to the boxing jigsaw to set Rob firmly on the path to the pros.

“My wife was taken ill in hospital and I needed to stay close for six weeks in case anything happened so I started training at the Metro Fitness gym with Matthew Hatton. We did a few sessions together and he just asked if I’d like to turn pro with him as my trainer. I said yes straight away.”

“It’s all worked out for me really well as now I have managers to help run my two restaurants* so I can just work part time and concentrate on my training. I see some of the younger kids who have just turned pro and struggle with work and money but I don’t have any worries like that.”

*Rob has two bar/restaurants located in Stockport and Angel Grove respectfully.

At 31, Hough is just a year younger that Hatton, who retired last year after 50 pro bouts. How is it training with Ricky’s younger sibling?

“It’s great really as because he’s just left his own career, everything is still fresh in his mind for him. Sometimes he’s telling me how I’m about to feel before I even know!”

“There’s just me and him training a lot of the time though Lee Beard trains his fighters there too. Matthew takes me around the other gyms for sparring and gives me a lot of one-on-one time which is brilliant.”

“I know we are similar ages and people may say about my age but at the end of the day I’m very fresh as I had that break and haven’t had any wear on my body in recent years.”

How did the first fight go last November?

“There were a few nerves; I only had my medical that day which didn’t help. I’d also broken my ribs a few weeks before the fight and they were still sore on the night. I’d learned how to protect them in training so it wasn’t a problem on the night but I’m hoping for a better performance on Saturday.”

“I stopped (Bryan Richardson) with a double jab followed by a right-uppercut and left hook. People tell me that’s not an easy combination to throw but those shots come easy for me as I’m tall. I even spar good fighters and catch them with the same punches.”

I ask if he remembers much of the Bellew fight all those years ago?

“I remember some things like thinking that I’d like a rematch. It was the regional finals and I’d only had one or two fights beforehand where he’d had nine and also a lot of kick-boxing bouts. That was the only difference was experience as he came out fast and won the first two rounds. I felt I won the last but he got the decision.”

And where did the nickname “Hot Stuff” come from?

“That was my brother, they asked him what to put on my shorts before my charity fight and he came out with that. It’s kind of just stuck ever since.”

Coldwell Promotions bring you an excellent show this Saturday at the Bowler’s Arena Manchester. “Call of Duty” features a terrific main event in the British Masters Featherweight title bout between Ryan Doyle and Michael Ramabeletsa. Also on the show are Liam Hanrahan, Andy Jones, Neil Perkins and much more.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 01709 556 331 or by visiting

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