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Piers Morgan offers Jeremy Clarkson fight at Wembley


By @Livefight

To mark the ten year anniversary of their bitter feud, chat show host Piers Morgan has offered his arch nemesis the chance to settle their differences at Wembley, with a £100,000 prize pot on the line for charity.

The pair fell out when Morgan incurred the wrath of Clarkson at the 2004 British Press Awards for reasons not entirely clear. After some shouting and swearing, Clarkson punched Morgan before being restrained by security. The clash left Morgan with a small scar above his left eyebrow.

"He talks a good game, let's see if @JeremyClarkson has the balls to walk it too. £100k charity fight yes or no, Fatboy?" he tweeted on Thursday.

But it would seem like 53-year old Clarkson has no desire to take up Morgan's offer, and replied via two messages across twitter that "I'm not going to box Piers Morgan. I'm too busy. But I know plenty of people in the British Army who'll gladly take my place. Now seriously. Leave me alone. I've got a job to do."

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