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Arnfield eyeing clashes with Eubank Jr and Ryder-Wilson winner


By @shaun_brown

It might be safe to say that Jack Arnfield won’t be walking out to the 1960 R&B classic “Hit The Road Jack” for his next fight.

The 24-year-old (17-0, 4 KOs) middleweight was due to have his first fight of 2014 this Saturday night at his native Winter Gardens in Blackpool. But as Arnfield revealed to Livefight, those plans were put to rest after an incident on the road to training earlier this year.

“I was in a car accident. I was coming off a motorway at Denton (in Manchester) on my way to training. I stopped at the roundabout at the top and a wagon just never stopped and ploughed into the back of me causing a whiplash injury. Unfortunately I hurt my back. It wasn’t too bad at the time. As training got more intense towards the end of camp though, my back just give up on me and wasn’t working. I’ve been to the chiropractor and physio the last 6-7 weeks and they give me the all clear to start training again this week so hopefully the problems have gone away now.”

17 fights and 17 wins in six years isn’t a bad return for a fighter who has had his fair share of issues both inside and outside of boxing. His recent setback is just the latest obstacle he’s overcame after a successful operation on his right hand as well in 2010.

“Basically it was wear and tear on my bones,” explained Arnfield.

“The ligaments and tendons had been damaged in the back of my hand and the bones were rattling round so they had to fuse a piece of bone from my hip and fuse it into the back of my hand like a bone graft. The operation was a complete success, I’ve had no problems with it since. On that side of things the hand’s going well it’s just unfortunate now that my back’s playing up as well.”

Injuries are par for the course during a fighter’s career but a spell in prison is not. Despite it being a period of his life that he would rather forget, Arnfield was comfortable enough to discuss with LF what went wrong four years ago.

“I don’t hide what happened,” said Arnfield.

“I got mixed up in something I shouldn’t have done. Basically I was struggling for money. Boxing wasn’t paying off. People in the sport know that unless you’re at a decent standard the money’s rubbish. You either find a way to find money or quit basically. I couldn’t afford to do the sport and to carry on. So unfortunately I chose that route of getting mixed up with drugs. (Arnfield was jailed for 18 months for dealing drugs). It was the biggest mistake of my career I’m not ashamed to say at all.”

“I never want to go back to jail again,” he continued.

“It’s not a pleasant place, not a nice place to be but most of all it’s not nice for your family and your friends and people that look up to you. I feel like I let people down. There’s nothing I can do about that now apart from apologise. I’ve moved on from that. That part of my life’s over. I’m happy to be moving on and forgetting about it.”

With these interruptions in his career, Arnfield is now in a hurry and ready to take on all comers at middleweight. After a respectful 2013 that included comprehensive points victories over the ever durable Gary Boulden and Max Maxwell, the Blackpool boxer is now looking at names such as Chris Eubank Jr. as well as the winner of the Apr 5 British Middleweight title eliminator between John Ryder and Jez Wilson.

“I’ve had a slow couple of years due to a few injuries, the hand operation and problems outside the ring. I need to get something done now. I’m 17-0 as a fighter and I’m ready for any middleweight they put in front of me and I fancy my chances of beating them. We were actually looking at the Chris Eubank Jr. fight to get set-up. Any fights like that I’d be happy to take straight away and make a name for myself on the middleweight scene.

“Whoever is there I’ll fight. Whichever fight comes for me and presents the best opportunity for me to progress will be the fight I want. Doesn’t matter who they put in front of me I’ll always fancy my chances. I’m always fit, always strong and fancy my chances against anyone. I think its wide open for someone to come through and shine.”

This time next year, Arnfield hopes to be holding the British title in his hands and aims to follow in the the success of fellow Blackpudlian, Brian Rose who is embarking on a fairytale journey after capturing the Lonsdale belt at 154lbs and now challenges for the WBO world version on June 14 in America against champion Demetrius Andrade. And as Arnfield explained he’s fully expecting another local lad to be following both Rose and himself.

“Boxing is on a bit of a high [in Blackpool]. Brian Rose has done phenomenal bringing the British title back to Blackpool. I’ve trained with Brian a long time. When I see how hard Brian has worked and trained and won the British title and now getting a world title shot it just makes me train that bit harder. I want what he’s got and what he’s doing.

“Scotty Cardle’s doing fantastic too. He’s moved through the rankings fast. Eddie Hearn’s doing a great job with him. Adam Little I’m sure will be the same. He’s got his first fight after his hand operation (this Sat). Other than me, it’d have to be Scotty Cardle as the one to watch from Blackpool.”

VIP and Hatton Promotions are proud to present an evening of Championship boxing at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on Saturday March 29.

In the main event, cruiserweight favourite Matty "The Assassin" Askin will make the first defence of his English title against Crayford's Menay "The Emperor" Edwards.
Ricky Hatton-trained prospects Adam Little and Ryan Burnett will feature on the undercard along with a number of quality upcoming fighters from Steve Wood's stable.

Ticket prices: General Admission £30, Ringside £60.

Tickets can be purchased from 07885 978597 and 01253 625252 or online

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