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Taylor wanting a school reunion with Etches in the ring


by @shaun_brown

Rather than going to a school reunion in ten or twenty yearsí time, Lewis Taylor is looking to bring one into the ring in 2014.

The 24-year-old who returns to action this Saturday night live on Boxnation, is looking to be stepped up in the coming months and sees a clash with fellow unbeaten middleweight Adam Etches as the ideal step on the ladder to bigger and better things.

Taylor, 24 and Etches, 23 both attended the Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School in Derbyshire and the former is looking to give the locals the fight they are desperate to see.

ďThe thing with it is everyone in my area has wanted to see that fight,Ē Taylor (12-0, 1 KO) told Livefight last week.

ďHe was a year below me at school but within them years everyone sort of knew everyone, so round where I live, round Dronfield and Sheffield (where Etches resides) in some respects, people want to see it. They know itís a local rivalry. I just want to put that show on for all the fans that want to watch it.

ďTo be honest we were mates in school and itís just business at the end of the day. Itís very awkward both being pro at the same weight. I just think once the fight is over and done with we can go back to the way it was before when weíd go out our way to speak to each other and all that sort of stuff. Itís a bit awkward at the minute because that fight could happen at some point. But itís not happening so itís sort of like we canít really be mates or anything like that because we might end up fighting so weíre keeping a distance from each other.Ē

The boxing public are waiting to see what the power punching Etches (15-0, 12 KOs) can offer on the domestic scene after a promising three and a half years as a pro. Taylor doesnít care who he fights at 160lbs any more but what he craves is to get in that mix with the likes of John Ryder, Nick Blackwell, Jez Wilson, (English champion) Danny Butler and Chris Eubank Jr.

ďThatís all I want. I want to fight kids that are coming to win and that will give me a good fight. If it come down to it and I lost then at least I lost to a good kid. Obviously Iím never going into lose, I couldnít do that. I just want stepped up now. I do want to just fight for titles now. I want to get at least an English title shot this year.Ē

And he hopes that his promoter Dennis Hobson can deliver that in the coming months.

Hobsonís latest show, featuring Lewis Taylor vs. Jason Ball, takes place at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle featuring some of the best of British boxing in Frankie Gavin, Jon-Lewis Dickinson, Neil Dawson, Bradley Saunders as well as an IBF World Bantamweight title fight between Stuart Hall and Martin Ward.

ďTo me, itís just like another fight but it is getting me more exposure and getting my name out there,Ē said Taylor when talking about fighting on the big televised cards.

ďThatís the drive, getting me on bigger shows because people begin to know who I am. In a way itíll push me up the rankings quicker. More people will see it and that sort of stuff. Getting on a big show, you get more of a buzz from it. Itís a big adrenaline rush. It is good but l like the smaller shows just as much. Itís still a fight and Iíve trained hard enough for it. Getting in there at the end of is the prize.Ē

Whether that prize becomes a derby with Etches or an English title fight with Butler remains to be seen but whatever comes his way will have to be balanced between his life as a fighter and his life as a Purchasing Manager at Sheffield Refractories. Taylor explained the difficulties between training and working.

ďIt is hard. Especially when youíre getting up at 5:30am going for a run, going to work, then going to training and then youíve got to tell yourself to get out and sell your tickets. People donít understand what you go through. People just think you go in for a fight for forty minutes. Thatís all that people see but when you see what we actually do thereís a lot more to it. Itís tiring. On the other side of it you have to miss out on a lot of stuff in your social life. You do miss out on a lot. But like people have said to me, Ďyouíve got something that you want to achieve in.í Thatís the drive for me to achieve it and then I can do the partying later in life!Ē

Stuart Hall-Martin Ward IBF world Bantamweight title fight will be live and exclusive on BoxNation this Saturday with chief support from Jon Lewis Dickinson vs Neil Dawson, Frankie Gavin, Bradley Saunders and Kirk Goodings.

Coverage begins at 7pm Sky channel 437 and 490 for HD viewers.

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