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Matty Askin - "I truly believe I’m gonna hurt this kid come Saturday.”


By @John_Evans79

A rejuvenated and excited Matty Askin, 16-2 (9 KO’s), defends his English cruiserweight belt against Crayford’s Menay Edwards, 12-2 (2 KO’s), this Saturday night and the 25 year old can’t wait to display Matty Askin version 2.0

Askin is on the road to recovery following a pair of defeats in 2012 and his renewed assault on the British title is being guided by Michael Jennings at his Chorley gym. Cold, damp winter’s morning in the Lancashire mill town aren’t for the weak of mind and the former English and British welterweight champion seems to be attempting to hone ‘The Assassin’ from the same steel he displayed on the night he famously took on Miguel Cotto in Madison Square Garden.

“He’s kind of old school,” Askin told Livefight recently. “If something’s not quite going right he’ll say, ‘Oh shut up, you girl’ and he gives you that old school mentality where you just think, ‘Just get through it! Come on’. Technique wise I’ve come on leaps and bounds. I’ve got to show it in my fight though. I can’t just talk about it. People read the interviews and think, ‘What an arrogant prick’ so I’d rather get in there and show it and let people write and talk about it and say that I wasn’t lying!”

I live a couple of miles away from the famous Collyhurst and Moston Lads club where Jennings learnt his trade and can confirm that they breed them tough on Lightbowne Road.

“Yeah, they do,” Askin says. “I started off there and that’s how I’ve known Michael so long. We were good friends and I’ve been very fortunate to fall upon Mike and Dave, be enjoying my boxing and have this mindset where to not over think everything and do what they say. You’ll see a completely new fighter on fight night and that’s not just saying it because I want to say it. I’m saying it because I truly believe I’m gonna hurt this kid come Saturday.”

Askin linked up with Jennings after a 2012 which saw him lose a tough English title fight with Jon Lewis Dickinson and a late notice – maybe rash – attempt to take the WBO intercontinental title from unbeaten Pole, Krzysztof Glowacki [who is currently 21-0 (14 KO’s)]. So far, the partnership is working well. Askin beat China Clarke to pick up the English belt last April and Jennings has arranged some top class sparring which has not only tested Askin’s mettle and prepared him fully for whatever Menay Edwards brings, but boosted his confidence immeasurably.

“The camp’s been excellent. Everyone says it but since I moved to Michael and David [Jennings]. I’ve become a new fighter. I’ve been around the country sparring Neil Dawson, Jon Lewis Dickinson, Tony Bellew, Courtney Fry, China Clarke…every man that we could possibly spar, we’ve sparred. There’s been nothing left unturned and I’m just ready to get in there and put on a master class really.

“China Clarke is quite similar in the sense that he’s cagey and throws shots that are unorthodox so our gameplan is going to be absolutely perfect. Me and the team are more than happy that I’ll get in there and – for want of a nicer word – destroy him!

“I’ve just been to my physio for a relaxing massage and even he said that he can see the difference in my attitude and how focused I am. My whole mindset has changed. I’ve got a great team behind me and the sparring has been more than we could have asked for. We’re sparring the best in Britain and Tony Bellew who’s fought at world level. He gave me little tips along the way. I’ve sparred Dawson who’s fighting for the British title and sparred the British champion. We’ve covered every base and I just don’t think he [Edwards] is up to scratch [compared] to these other fighters I’ve been sparring. Come fight night, I’ll get in there and be fit and strong and it’s gonna be very uncomfortable for him.”

“I’ve put myself down a bit due to the losses but this camp and the sparring I’ve had – and even the people I’ve been sparring can justify it – I do believe that I’m coming back now to what I should have been a few years ago and hopefully after this fight I can prove that I’m still one of the rising stars in the cruiserweight division.

“There’s nobody in this division that I’d say, ‘Oh, this will be quite tough’ because if I’m honest – and without sounding like a dick – I do feel like I’m hitting my best form about now.”

At the same time as Askin is exchanging leather with Edwards some 150 miles away Dickinson will be defending his Lonsdale belt against Neil Dawson. A meeting between the two winners would be great for British boxing but recently Dickinson has begun to make noises about leaving the domestic scene behind. Askin would be in prime position to fight for the vacant title should Dickinson decide to move on but the recent sparring sessions between the pair have convinced him that a rematch with the tough Tynesider would allow him to avenge his first defeat and claim the British belt in one fell swoop.

“If he moves on he’d be silly because that spar told us a lot. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice lad but I was too young for that fight and I shouldn’t have took it. I’m only 25 now and feel like I’m coming in to my best form. That spar has made me want that fight more than I’ve ever wanted it before. Don’t get me wrong, Dawson’s gonna be a tough test for him but I think that rematch should happen but at the end of the day I’ve got to get that British title and whoever’s got that, that’s who I want next.”

In the unlikely event that boxing politics throws a spanner in the works [stop laughing] and prevents Askin getting a shot at the British title next, he would relish the opportunity to even the score with Krzysztof Glowacki. In fact, Askin gives the impression that the first time a rematch is mentioned within his earshot, he will be booking an EasyJet flight to Warsaw.

“I should have turned that one down,” he says of the first fight which he lost by eleventh round stoppage. “I’d want that fight more than I’d want the Dickinson fight because I had two weeks notice and I’d just come back off holiday. They were building this kid up but I thought, ‘He’s not actually that good’ but when you’re not quite as sharp as you should be, well, it showed in that eleventh round. But I’d kick his head in! That’s how angry this guy gets me. I’d beat him. I’d go back over to Poland again. I’d go over there now and absolutely hammer him. That one I regret more than the Dickinson one.

“I didn’t struggle with him. He just caught me in that eleventh round with a really good shot but I wasn’t sharp and hadn’t sparred. I just went in thinking I’d beat him. If you look at us after the fight he had lumps, black eyes and blood all over and I had hardly a mark on me. I’d take that fight in a heartbeat. I’d want it more than the Dickinson fight because it took a lot out of me. It took me a while to get over it mentally. But now………”

VIP and Hatton Promotions are proud to present an evening of Championship boxing at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on Saturday March 29.

In the main event, cruiserweight favourite Matty "The Assassin" Askin will make the first defence of his English title against Crayford's Menay "The Emperor" Edwards.
Ricky Hatton-trained prospects Adam Little and Ryan Burnett will feature on the undercard along with a number of quality upcoming fighters from Steve Wood's stable.

Ticket prices: General Admission £30, Ringside £60.

Tickets can be purchased from 07885 978597 and 01253 625252 or online

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