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Seamus Macklin: Bradley Saunders is a massive body puncher


By @Livefight

Unbeaten light-welter Bradley Saunders scored the 7th stoppage of his nine fight career Saturday night over the tough Scotsman Mitch Prince.

"I wanted to make a statement, and I didn't expect it to go like that to be honest. I was planning on going in there and performing and I did better than Willie (Limond)." said Saunders.

"In the first round when I dropped him I actually didn't expect him to get back up. But when he did I eased off in the second round because I thought I was going to be in for long fight." Said Saunders who put his man away in the fourth round.

Trainer Seamus Macklin (Brother of World challenger Matthew) interjected that "When fighters open up against Bradley, he is simply going to hurt them even more as he will start to get the gaps (in their defence)."

"As he steps up he is going to break opponents down even easier. Because a lot of lower level opponents, when they get hit, they just shut up shop and go into survival mode.

"As soon as Bradley steps up he is going to look even better when he gets the gaps, because Bradley is an absolutely massive body puncher." concluded Seamus.

Interview by @JamesHelder_

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