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Johnny Garton "I'm more than willing to stand in there and have a fight"


By @John_Evans79

Johnny Garton, 11-0 (1 KO), is arguably the least well known of tomorrow night’s Prizefighter contenders but although you may need to search around the internet for footage of the welterweight from Peckham, Sam Eggington won’t have to go looking too far for Garton when the pair meet in their quarter final clash.

“We’ll see on Saturday night!” laughed Garton when Livefight asked if he’ll be able to resist being drawn into any wars at the weekend. “I’ve been pro for nearly three years now and I’ve really been trying to work on my boxing. I know you can’t just go in and have a fight because you won’t last in the pro game. I do like to fight and that’s there in the back of my mind. If I get caught will I stand there and have a tear up or will I be able to compose myself and stick to my boxing? We’ll see what happens.

“At some point in the night I will have to grit my teeth and stand there and have a fight with somebody. I’m more than willing to do that.

“When I first turned pro I was just a brawler and all I wanted to do was stand there and have a fight. Now I’m a lot smarter and try and pick my shots. Hopefully it’ll go like that and I’ll have a more comfortable night. I know it ain’t gonna go like that though. There’s gonna be parts or the night when I’ll take some shots and give them back.”

Should Garton, 27, get past Eggington, he will face either talented amateur Johnny Coyle or big punching former European lightweight champion Jason Cook. With Paddy Gallagher, Erick Ochieng, Dean Byrne and Mark Douglas making up the other half of the draw, Garton is finally getting the step up in class he has waited so long for.

He is undefeated, has a crowd pleasing style and one of the best nicknames in the sport but this is the first real opportunity for ‘The Pexican’ to increase his fan base beyond his loyal south London following. I’m prepared to be corrected but the only time I can recall seeing Garton on television was during the early days of BoxNation when he beat Liam Griffiths on the undercard of Stephen Smith’s first round blowout of Ben Jones at The Troxy. Should he prove he can match his opponents for boxing skill as well as heart and guts, Garton should become a regular on our television screens.

“I keep saying to everyone that the two to watch out for are Johnny Coyle and Paddy Gallagher. They’re fresh out of the amateurs and suited to it [the three round distance] so those two are worth watching plus, obviously, myself. I’m looking to make some noise myself so hopefully I beat whoever I get, get through to the finals and just beat whoever I’ve got to beat.

“I’ve sparred Erick a few times. Dean Byrne came down to spar Bradley Skeete a couple of times so I’ve seen him but never actually sparred him myself. I’m trying to think here! No, I don’t think I’ve boxed or sparred any of the others.

“They gave me 130 tickets and 20 ringside and I did all of those. I always get a big crowd and I could have done more tickets for this if I’m honest. For this I’ve had great support. It feels like I haven’t been going anywhere for the last year or so. I’ve been having the same fights against similar sorts of people so this could really propel me to something like English title level hopefully.

“Too many people are turning pro nowadays and they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. They’re either doing it because they think there’s money in it – which there isn’t – or they’re trying to be a face around the area by beating journeymen all the time. What’s the point in boxing then? I like the competition of it.”

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