News April 2014

Erick Ochieng releases statement, says I'm OK


By @Livefight

Celebration quickly turned to panic for Erick Ochieng's team last night, following a torrid and hard fought win over Paddy Gallagher after the victor almost collapsed whilst having his hand raised aloft by the referee.

He was led to the corner where the paramedics whom were covering the Matchroom show entered rapidly and professionally.

After treating the stricken fighter on the canvas for a moment - they swiftly exited the venue to the local hospital.

Thankfully Erick was fine and was struggling due to the temperature in the York Hall, which led to heat exhaustion. He made the following statement to boxing fans this morning, from his Facebook account (see attached picture)

"In all things I give Christ glory. I am fine and in good health, it was too hot in the venue, I was feeling dizzy after a great performance and the paramedics were doing their job for health and safety reasons and routine. God bless, Eagle". He said.

In a sport where health and safety is the last thing on fan's minds during the action, it was pleasing to see how quickly the paramedics dealt with the situation.

Livefight wishes Erick a speedy recovery and commends the ambulance team in attendance.

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