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30 and Out: Oisin Fagan plots explosive exit starting with a ‘Goodwin’


By Michael J Jones

This Saturday at the Northgate Arena in Chester, rugged Irishman Oisin ‘Gael Force’ Fagan boxes local fighter Chris Goodwin in the twelve-round main event. Although the bout is for the lightly-regarded WBF International lightweight belt it is an intriguing match pitting the relentless pressure of Fagan against the neat counter-punching of Goodwin.

The contest has been scheduled before but was scuppered when 25-year-old Goodwin came in overweight. The Fight Options promoted-card also features Paul Economides against Hungarian David Kanalas plus a full supporting card.

Fagan is now 40-years-old but has lost none of his confidence ahead of the bout. The Irish brawler has seen and done it all before after turning pro in his late 20’s in the USA. Dublin’s Fagan is definitely the much more experienced fighter at 27-8 (16) and has shared a ring with superstars such as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Paul Spadafora and Amir Khan in his eleven-year career.

Livefight managed to speak with the tough Irishman ahead of Saturday’s title bout-

LF) Is it satisfying to finally get Chris Goodwin in the ring this Saturday after it fell through last time?

OF) He hasn't made weight yet, so I'm still on edge, hoping he doesn't pull a fast-one this time, like the last time. So, until I'm actually in the ring with him, I won't believe anything.

LF) You told me a while back that you were looking for one more title fight before you retire; is that still the plan?

OF) Well, since I'm taking out a license for one more year I might as well use it. I'm hoping I can upset the odds and take this belt and hopefully then the doors will open up for me and I can take on a couple of defences to end my career on. I plan to have my career finished by around this time next year, but until then, I want to remain busy and fighting and go out on a high.
I have 27 wins on my record at the moment and have fought some stellar opposition on the way. I'd like to finish on 30 pro wins and I'd be happy about that if I could take on another world champion for my grand finale.

LF) How has camp been ahead of this twelve-rounder on Saturday?

OF) Training has been going great; I've been travelling all over to where the good spars are. I've had brilliant sparring up until now, with Stephen Ormond and Patrick Hyland helping out. I was supposed to get a couple of spars with our Olympic Silver Medallist John Joe Nevin this week to wrap things up for me, but heard the horrible news that he was attacked by a gang the other night and got his legs broken, so I wish him a speedy recovery.

Note: Livefight also sends our best wishes to John Joe Nevin for a full and quick recovery.

LF) How do you view Goodwin as a fighter and is there extra needle after the previously aborted fight dates?

OF) I wouldn't say "needle". However, I think he's underestimating this old man and I feel that will be to his demise.

LF) You'll clearly be the puncher in the fight are you aiming to stop him inside schedule?

OF) Ah, I'm not a big puncher either. I usually break my opponent’s hearts from sheer intensity and therefore, I think if he thinks I'll be laying back and letting him pick shots, he has a surprise coming.

LF) You've only boxed once in the last few years how do you feel having just turned 40?

OF) Yeah, I wish I had been busier, but 'thems-the-breaks'. There’s not that many shows going on around our parts lately. Again though, I think that if Goodwin thinks I've been idle because of my inactivity, he'll be unpleasantly surprised. I haven't taken a day off training in 22-years. Even when I broke my leg against Khan in our fight, I got operated on the following day and went for a five-mile run (on crutches) and did-so everyday until the cast came off. A lot of people think that's nuts, but that's just the way I roll.

To be honest, my fitness and toughness are the only reason I have had any kind of success in my career. I'm not terribly skilful yet most people thought I beat Spadafora in our split-decision. Most people also thought I beat Chavez Jr and Kimbrough for the USBA title in split-decisions too. So, I put that down to my will-to-win. I doubt Goodwin is looking past my age, so that will be his mistake if he hasn't taken his training seriously.

My Prediction: Goodwin is some 15 years younger and has a decent record at 17-2-1. The flame-haired Chester fighter has home advantage though isn’t a puncher with zero stoppage wins in his 20 pro contests so far. In Goodwin’s last major test two years ago he dropped a split to the faded Carl Johanneson in a hard-to-score ten-rounder.

Two years ago the firm pick would have been Fagan to pound out a decision but now the playing field has evened somewhat. Goodwin has a good chin and sound defensive skills but Fagan has operated at a far higher level and, even at the advanced age of 40, Goodwin is going to find it hard to keep the still-fit Irishman away for twelve rounds.

The pick is for Fagan to pull off a mild upset and edge a close one on points in what should be a tense battle.

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