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Tyrone Nurse tells Livefight "It’ll be the usual Tyrone Nurse on Saturday. Always winning"


By @John_Evans79

A skilful, rangy boxer isn’t going to find his way to the head of many fighter’s list of preferred opponents so Huddersfield’s Tyrone Nurse, 27-1 (5 KO’s), was always likely to have to battle his way into the position of mandatory challenger before being given a chance at a major title. After 28 fights and six years as a professional, Nurse finally gets his opportunity this Saturday night when he fight’s Tyler Goodjohn, 10-2 (4 KO’s), for the vacant English light welterweight title at Manchester’s Phones 4u Arena.

“Subconsciously I was probably thinking would it ever happen but I’ve always been able to keep my head on my shoulders and stay focused on what the aim is,” Nurse told Livefight. “I’ve just kept plodding away. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy turning pro at 18 without a promoter behind me. At 18 I wasn’t mature like some other kids. I knew it was gonna be a long road but we’re nearly there now. Even though I should have fought for it last June or whenever. I could have had a couple of defences in by now but it is what it is!

“It’ll be the usual Tyrone Nurse on Saturday. Always winning. The win is the first thing I want. We’ll go out and see how he is for a few rounds. Have a feel and see how strong he is. Just the usual thing and we’ll work it out from there after a round or two.”

With the culmination of his bad tempered trilogy with Danny ‘Cassius’ Connor taking place live on Sky Sports, Goodjohn’s profile has been boosted significantly. Whilst ‘The Tornado’ may have only recently arrived on the radar of most observers, Nurse is constantly monitoring potential opponents and has been aware of him for a while.

“Obviously you see all these different fighters around your weight division and you think that you could end up fighting them somewhere down the road. I think Tyler’s probably one of them. I know he won a national title or two in the amateurs so I knew he was a decent kid. I know he lost to Danny Connor early in his career but he’s avenged that twice. I know he also lost to Vinny Woolford [by fifth round KO in 2011] but if you look into it, it looks like it was a young Tyler facing a man who was too big for him in the end. I don’t think you can look in to his defeats too much if I’m honest. Everyone in the division’s on your radar I suppose but recently, yeah, I have seen him and thought he’s gonna be around soon!

“Tyler’s just that little bit better all round than Danny [Connor] and that’s what separated them in the second and third fights. Over the longer distance he’s come out on top twice.”

Nurse is fortunate in that he is able to form a pretty good opinion of exactly what he will face on Saturday night but insists that although Goodjohn has been training with Bradley Skeete, the only British fighter within shot of welterweight who can really rival 5ft 11in tall Nurse for stature and style, he will struggle to cope with the various gameplans and options Nurse has available to him.

“He’s training down there with the Simms brothers and they’ve got Kevin Mitchell and Martin Ward so, without doubt, I expect he’s used to hard sparring and being in deep. Come fight night I think I’ll come out on top by just being that bit better in all aspects.You only really see one type of Tyler and he’s the same in every fight. I know I’m versatile and can switch it up. I can come with an A, B or C game plan. Bradley Skeete’s as near to me as he’s going to get I’d imagine. Long arms, tall, decent mover.”

The British light welterweight scene came alive with Curtis Woodhouse’s now famous decision over Darren Hamilton to claim the Lonsdale belt and the 33 year old now seems likely to renege on his promise to retire. Having the English belt strapped around his waist should make Nurse an immediate contender for the british title but he seems to have plenty of respect for Woodhouse’s achievement.

“The division’s wide open really when you think about it. I don’t think anybody really knows what Curtis is doing, whether he’s retiring or not. From what I can grasp he’s probably going to fight on but who, when, where or for what title nobody really knows at the moment. He’s got a voluntary so I suppose it makes sense for him to get a notch on the belt and see who the board give him as a mandatory. Curtis isn’t one to shy away from a fight but there’s a lot of politics in boxing and if it makes sense to get out, then it makes sense get out.

“He must enjoy getting punched in the face. I suppose you’ve got to if you’re a boxer haven’t you!?”

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