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Anthony Crolla tells Livefight : I expect to get John out of there.


By @Nate_Williams23

Manchester fight fans have been waiting a long time for a night like this. A night where a battle between two men will be as big as the city’s football rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City. Red versus Blue, Skill versus Will and a long-term friendship put on hold to fight for a big prize.

Two months ago, John Murray called out his former training partner Anthony Crolla via Manchester Evening News claiming he was still the number one fighter in the city despite a lengthy absence.

Murray has vowed to claim Anthony Crolla’s WBO intercontinental lightweight title in devastating fashion by promising to knock him out on Saturday night at the Phones 4U Arena.

At Thursday’s final press conference, Murray said: “I’m vicious, I’m violent and I’m ready to knock Anthony Crolla out.”

However, Crolla wasn’t surprised at those strong words and the 27 year-old said that he has seen a variety of ways to win this fight but promises it will be an explosive display on Saturday night.

“I don’t expect any different from him because I’m trying to do the same,” he said.

“Me and John are both rarely in a bad fight. I see a number of ways where I can win this fight. I see one way for John to win but I can outbox him and win on points, I can catch him early or I will stop him late on. All in all, I expect to get John out of there.

“ John’s trying to take what I’ve got and what I’ve worked so hard for. I’m going to stop him from doing that. Friendship will be put aside on Saturday night because it’s business and nothing personal.

“We’re both very proud Mancs and we’re going to give the city what they want.”

One advantage people might say Crolla has in this fight is that he is trained by Joe Gallagher, who has previously trained Murray in the past. The question in this fight will be what has Murray learned since splitting from Gallagher? Has he got any new tricks up his sleeve?

However, after spending years training alongside Murray, Crolla believes the 29 year-old former British and European champion will be an example of an old saying Murray used to repeat.

“John says he’s gone away and learnt new things but one of John’s sayings is, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I know that because he’s been a mate for a very long time. It’s two and a half years since me and John sparred but I’m a different fighter and I’m improving all the time.

“I do think he will try a few new things but I think my skills are the best and they will see me home without a doubt.

“We’ve got great respect for each other as fighters and I think that will only grow after this fight.”

This fight will provide a great atmosphere inside the Phones 4U Arena with thousands of Manchester fight fans in full voice after both fighters received great coverage across the city.

Crolla and Murray have both been on the pitches of their beloved Manchester sides before kick off and the city is covered in Red versus Blue posters.

Crolla says he could not ask for a better build up in any of his fights and guarantees that both sets of fans will be rewarded for their support tomorrow night.

“It doesn’t get any better than that. Being on the pitch of the team you’ve supported since as long as I can remember,” he said.

“It’s fantastic and it’s what you need before a Manchester derby. There’s all kinds of ingredients that have been added to a great dish because we’re mates, we’ve trained together and the Red versus Blue tag is a great spice to be added.”

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