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Arum: HBO not interested in Amir Khan for Pacman


By @Livefight

Khan with Pacquiao

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has revealed that it was ultimately HBO that didn't care very much for Amir Khan to be the chosen opponent for Manny Pacquiao.

Speaking to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the veteran promoter described how the American TV giant were cold on Amir Khan as the comeback opponent for Pacquiao.

"What they (HBO) said was how Amir Khan didn't resonate with them at all," said Arum.

"Yeah, he would do some pay-per-view business in England, but they didn't think he was an attraction in the United States."

The Bolton born fighter has been heavily linked to both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in the past 18 months, which has seen him fight just once in the last year or more.

Matchroom Boxing has constantly tried to lure Amir Khan into a IBF welterweight battle with their own Kell Brook, even going as far as provisionally booking Wembley for summer last year (if reports are to be believed).

Matchroom's Barry Hearn forecasted that Khan would not be fighting Pacquiao and claims that Khan is keeping himself away from Brook in America on purpose, rather than accepting the challenge.

"I know Pacquiao well and Bob Arum is a friend of mine," Matchroom founder Hearn said to Sky Sports.

"I asked Arum 'what percentage of a chance does Khan have of fighting Pacquiao?' Arum said 'less than one per cent'. He had no chance.

"I'm very disappointed because Khan has been almost impossible. He doesn't seem to want to fight anybody. [Being in America] is an excuse.

"What I'm saying is that you have to be realistic and live in the real world. He spent 18 months chasing Floyd Mayweather without one per cent chance of ever fighting Floyd Mayweather. Then he spent six months chasing Manny Pacquiao." concluded Hearn.

Perhaps UK fans will now get their wish in 2016 and that Kell Brook vs Amir Khan becomes a reality.


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