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16.03.08 Haye plans Heavy attack next

David Haye

Britain's new boxing sensation David Haye has a plan to fill Wembley with 70,000 fans next summer for a world heavyweight spectacular.

Haye knocked out his bitter rival Enzo Maccarinelli at the O2 Arena last weekend to unify the cruiserweight division, but that was his last fight at the weight.

Now Haye and his friend and trainer Adam Booth will go to North Cyprus for a six-month secret training camp before fighting at heavyweight in November.

Haye said: "Hasim Rahman has been on the phone and there are plenty of other options. The plan is to put the weight on and keep it on before cleaning up the heavyweight division.

"There are too many so-called contenders and the champions are not that impressive. Wladimir Klitschko is like a robot and would be my first choice, Ruslan Chagaev is too small and is not the fighter he once was, while Samuel Peter is too slow and easy to hit.

"Any of them would be ideal for a massive fight at Wembley next summer and that's my plan."

Last weekend's stunning stoppage of Maccarinelli was shown live in America and it has led to a flood of calls from US promoters.

Trainer Booth said: "All the usual suspects have been on the phone offering David different deals. I have listened to every offer and we are now looking at all of our options.

"Last weekend's show was a brilliant promotion by Frank Warren. In boxing I think everybody should adopt the same idea and that is, 'Never say never'.

Last year Haye had one fight at heavyweight when he gained nearly 20lb to knock out Poland's Tomasz Bonin in one round. The fight convinced the Bermondsey Banger that his future was in the heavier weight division - and that of course is where the millionpound fights are.

"I know from last year that I can put the weight on, keep it on and feel comfortable against heavyweights," added Haye. "A lot of people have doubted my stamina and commitment in the past but after the Maccarinelli win the cynics have gone quiet.

"When I look at the heavyweight division I know I can become the king - and that is not bragging, that is just a simple assessment. The three champions all have their flaws and I'm confident that I can exploit their weaknesses.

"Evander Holyfield did it 15 or so years ago by studying the bigger men. I'll do it the same way, by using my head and not letting my heart take over.

"The big heavyweights are simply too slow and there is no way they will be able to deal with my speed."

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