News February 2017

Price crumbles under Hammer blows


By @John_Evans79

David Priceís comeback ground to a halt as he was sadly stopped by the unheralded Christian Hammer.

Price, 22-4 (19 KOís), looks far studier at 275lbs than he did when he would routinely weigh in around the 250lb mark but the extra weight seemed to hinder rather than help him. Price simply cannot stand up to pressure. The likeable Liverpudlianís problems will always be mental rather than physical.

Hammer, 21-4 (15 KOís), is a solid trial horse and holds a win over the disgraced Erkan Teper - who knocked Price out whilst fuelled by performance enhancing products - but is exactly the type of opponent that Price should be dispatching if he is to reach the heights he dreams of. He was the perfect man for Price to continue his rehabilitation against.

When Price uses his height, plants his left foot and sets the range with his left hand, he is a very dangerous fighter. The fight ending right hand is permanently cocked, ready to go. The problem for Price was that after initially using his left to keep Hammer at bay when he backed up, he looked uncomfortable whenever Hammer let his hands go inside. He has a dangerous and worrying habit of freezing and bending almost perpendicular to the canvas when in trouble. Once his gas tank ran dry, he became a sitting target for Hammers heavy but not necessarily devastating punches.

After looking perilously close to running out gas in the fifth, Price dug deep and floored the Romanian based German with a huge right uppercut, the knockdown only brought him a temporary respite. They went to war in the sixth and Price was found wanting. He simply came apart at the seams and was stopped at 1.22 of round seven.

Price's three previous defeats came to fighters who consequently failed drug tests but after being stopped for the fourth time, it is hard to see where the 33 year old goes from here.

For Hammer, an unlikely shot at the WBO world heavyweight title could loom large in his future.

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