News February 2017

Eubank dominates brave Quinlan


By @john_Evans79

Chris Eubank did exactly as predicted - even if it did take a few rounds longer than most observers expected - by dominating Reynold Quinlan over ten rounds.

Quinlan, 11-2 (7 KOís), was brave and showed a decent jab for round or two but in all honesty, he had little to offer but his toughness for the vast majority of the fight. Once he had established his dominance, Eubank went through his full repertoire. He will be unhappy with the way he was clipped by the odd right hand counter and away from the cameras and microphones, there may be some reassessment of his power in the super middleweight division. Eubank, 167 1/4lbs, didnít seem quite as sharp or quite as devastating as he does at 160lbs. He hit Quinlan, 167lbs, with every punch in the book but couldnít take the Australian off his feet. The fight became something of a beating until referee Howard Foster correctly stopped the action at 2.07 of the tenth.

27 year old Eubank, 24-1 (19 KOís), has been throwing out Gennady Golovkinís name for months but on last nights performance, he may be better served by sharpening his tools against some of the divisionís lesser lights. There are a host of names at both 160 and 168lbs who would punish Eubank for the mistakes he makes but still give him plenty of opportunities to utilise his strengths.

With ITV throwing their weight behind the father/son partnership it was to be expected that Eubank Sr would play a big part in Jnrís introduction to the arena but now is the time for Chris Eubank Jnr to become his own man. His father has a wealth of experience on hand but the time has come for him to edge out of the spotlight and let his son see just how big a stage he is capable of gracing.

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