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The Prince who shall be King: 'Dreamhills' Brady ready to explode onto pro ranks


By Michael J Jones

SPEAKING TO FUTURE pro debutants usually brings a quiet fight interview where the respective boxer is a little bit unsure of how he is meant to be as dealings with writers and the press is an alien concept. When Livefight caught up with West Ham-based bantamweight Prince “Dreamhills” Brady however, he spoke with the confident certainty that usually only belongs to seasoned pugilists.

“I describe myself as very out-spoken and will openly say I believe in myself” the 23 year old Prince Brady tells me last week. “I was based for a long time in Northern Ireland and boxed out of the Bracken boxing club in Balbriggan. Irish fighters are some of the best amateurs in the world and always win medals and it’s because they are so technically good.”

“I’d say I was a technical boxer who also has some flashiness and power.”

The Zimbabwe-born Brady started boxing at the age of twelve in Ireland. After a solid amateur career he will make his belated boxing debut in September at York Hall in a four-rounder. Trained by former British champion Matthew Marsh in London and managed by Steve Goodwin promotions, Brady is keen to make waves in the pro ranks as soon as possible after a near-death incident two years ago which saw him left in a coma and fighting for his life.

“I had been approached before to sign a contract to make my boxing pro debut but I was never completely happy with the negotiations. I was still trying to find the right deal when things outside of the ring meant I had to put a hold on boxing for a while.”

“It started with an altercation outside of a nightclub and then I got stabbed in the neck. I was in a coma for quite a while and in a bad way so when I finally came out of hospital I was very determined to enjoy my life to the max and not to waste any of it.”

“My heroes in boxing are Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather Jr. I watch a lot of boxing as I see knowledge is key in boxing. When you watch certain fighters like Broner and Mayweather it’s natural for you to try and imitate their style but as I grow into a pro fighter I’ll forge my own style.”

Watching some footage of the truculent prospect online, he seems to have excellent movement, fast hands and decent power. One brief clip saw the skilful bantamweight jabbing hard while boxing superstar Amir Khan holds the pads.

With “Dreamhills” turning pro relatively late at 23, does he intend to try and progress quickly in the pros and target titles sooner rather than later?

“In boxing, it is a short-term sport for any man” the 5’6” Brady says wisely. “I see many boxers blaming their management for their short-comings but really it’s nearly always down to the individual. There are less people at my weight so logically I will be in with tough lads from the off but we’ll just have to see how it goes.”

“If I start out and look and feel great, my career could really take off.”

Aside from boxing the future bantamweight pro is also a talented rap artist who performs on a regular basis and was close to touring with rap super-group D12.

“I’ve been rapping since I was ten-years-old so I started before I began boxing. I do my own shows and have done many videos and I really enjoy it. After boxing I feel I could then do something in music definitely right up to the world stage.”

“I see many guys who work a nine-to-five job and it all seems to be about going out drinking on the Friday. I could never be one of those people; I plan to make the absolute best of my talents and intend to live my life exactly how I want to.”

“If I fail fine but I don’t want to be older one day with regrets and wishing I could go back and do things differently.”

“There’s no date confirmed for my first fight yet but I’m hoping to start intense training next month to box in September or October. There are people I know and we are all boxing around the same time so we are all buzzing. I’m very good friends with (heavyweight prospect) Daniel Dubois and it’s been great seeing him have his first few fights but I can’t wait for it to be my time.”

“I’d just like to thank team ‘Dreamhills’, all of my friends and supporters from Ireland and here in England. I’d also like to thank God. Stay tuned everybody and keep your eyes on me in 2017.”

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