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Matty Askin positive he’ll Mangle The Monster “No Way he’s going the distance”


By Michael J Jones

LAST MAY IN Cardiff it came as no huge surprise that Blackpool’s Matty Askin stopped Craig Kennedy in six to be crowned British cruiserweight champion. What took many off-guard was the one-sided nature of the bout. While many saw the fight as a pick-em’ affair beforehand, Askin had other ideas, flooring Kennedy early, rocking him several times before concluding the one-sided beat-down in the sixth.

Welshman Kennedy was 16-0 coming in and also had home advantage but was destroyed in a clinical display which underlines the victor’s claims of being the number one cruiserweight in the UK.

“People don’t see what goes on behind the scenes and the work that gets put in” Matty Askin tells Livefight a few days ago. “Look at the last two years at my results; I’ve not just been winning fights I’ve been beating them hands down. My confidence is high with my improvement and it’s time people started realising there’s a gulf in class between me and Tony Bellew compared to the others.”

“I deserve more credit than I’ve been getting.”

Askin’s last defeat was a close decision to Ovill McKenzie back in 2015, since then he has gone unbeaten in six (one technical draw) with four inside schedule. Under the tutelage of Mike and Dave Jennings, Askin’s old bad habits have been largely ironed out and he’s never looked as good as reiterated in his last contest.

Did the heavy-handed 28 year old expect to be so dominant against Kennedy?

“To be honest, he had been busier when we had sparred and that wasn’t the case in our fight. It’s the power that does it, if I catch anyone clean with my right-hand it takes all of their confidence away. They ship one and you can almost see them thinking ‘what the hell was that?’ I think my fight with Kennedy could have been a tough night but all of his confidence drained away when he felt my power.”

Next up for the domestic ruler is a trip up to Scotland on October 6th to take on Stephen “Monster” Simmons in Edinburgh. It is a decent test for the 6’4” champion’s first defence. Simmons is 17-2, comes to fight and has only been beaten by Jon-Lewis Dickinson and Germany’s Noel Gevor.

“Simmons is a busy fighter, he’ll try to plod forward and drag me into his kind of fight” reasons “The Assassin” of his October 6th challenger. “He looked small when we first met but I don’t expect him to be that small come the fight. His style will give me something to think about but, with him taking a lot of punches and my power I think there’s only one outcome.”

“I’m still improving and, honestly, I can do things now I couldn’t when I was younger. I’m busier now, faster and don’t rush my shots. There’s still things to work on and improve on which I do day in, day out and that’s down to me.”

If he prevails against Simmons, Askin will need only two more defences of the British title to make the belt his outright. Is that his intention for the immediate future?

“I don’t know yet….listen it’s a lovely belt and I’d like to own it to keep but I’ve also got bills to pay and if I get offered silly money for another belt I’ll take that offer. My priority is providing for my family, I’m in love with the game again now and it’s time to get serious.”

“I’ve had offers for fights but always on short notice. At this stage of my career, I don’t just want to feature in big fights I want to win them and there’s no way I’m taking on these guys on three weeks’ notice.”

“My view is, if I keep winning they’ll eventually make me an offer where I get fair notice and can win the title that is on the line.”

Is there any concern regarding travelling to Simmons’ backyard for his British title defence next month?*

“No because there’s no way this is going the distance I’m knocking him spark out.”

*I asked the same question to Matty before the Kennedy fight in Cardiff and it drew a similar response.

“If you look at Simmons’ fight with Jon-Lewis Dickinson (who also holds an early career win over Matty), Dickinson wasn’t doing anything special; he just let (Simmons) come to him and kept throwing a simple one-two. To me, Simmons is made for me, as he rushes in I’ll be catching him on the way.”

“Dickinson out-boxed him and even Wadi Camacho did for long spells until (Simmons stopped him). The key is not to let him fight his fight.”

Final word from the champ….

“Training has gone really well and I couldn’t have asked for better and I’m ready to go. I hope everyone turns out to see the fight because I’m knocking out Simmons and then staying the weekend up in Edinburgh and we’ll all have a cracking weekend.”

Matty Askin would like to thank his team, all of his supporters and also his sponsors; Ma Kellys Blackpool, The Gentlemans Lounge, Stephen Pye Tree Services, Churchside FP and A&P Autos, Blackpool.

Askin’s brutal display last time

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