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HUGE looking Tyson fury has fans wondering one question


By @Livefight

Is Tyson Fury pregnant?

No we kid, but clearly from the picture - things are going south fast for the unbeaten heavyweight.

Aged just 29, the bald and extremely rotund Tyson Fury has boxing fans wondering if he will ever return back to the sport.

The self-proclaimed 'King of the Gypsies' has often weighed into contests at an eye-watering 19 stone, which if we examine alongside his height of 6'9" is still heavy.

But you'd have to surmise that today he is circa 25-27 stone or 350lb - and has clearly not paid any attention to his diet or fitness since his victory over Wladimir Klitschko, which will already be two years passed this November.

Carrying such mass will do untold damage to his joints and back, with who knows what impact it will have when trying to trim back down.

But the reason for his enforced absence from the sport still lays with the UK Anti-Doping, who are prolonging the outcome of their investigation into the former heavyweight champion's alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.

BBBofC general secretary Robert Smith confirmed that no verdict has been reached in the "complex case" and admits a final ruling could take a "long time".

"All these legal cases take time and obviously it's a matter of now getting all the parties together, and obviously they are dealing with legal representatives, barristers etc and it's difficult to get dates. It's quite common." he concluded.

With his boxing career in a legal stalemate, Fury has clearly fell fowl to the mental demons that have dogged for him for a while. The combination of legal representatives draining his only true payday and not knowing his future, is clearly leading him down a road to reckless abandonment.

His fans can only hope he gets his career (and diet) on the road sooner rather than later.

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