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Hilarious Amir Khan survives ‘Donald Hump’ Scare but infuriates pop star


By Michael J Jones

LAST NIGHT in the latest episode of ITV’s ‘I’m a Celebrity….Get me out of here”, boxing star Amir Khan came through his third Bushtucker Trial at the expense of pop star Vanessa White. Bolton’s former Olympic Silver medallist continues to provide laughs aplenty with his obliviousness of the show’s concept and the panicky way he reacts in testing moments.

After blowing his first trial to the amusement of the British public and his many critics, Khan stormed through his second challenge before having two days break as two new contestants were introduced to the camp.

The plot twist was the camp was then split into two to compete against each other and Khan, part of the ‘rich team’ under new addition comedian Iain Lee. The rich camp were to compete under the premise that by them winning trials, it would assist the loser camp which included bookies favourite Georgia “Toff” Toffolo and soap star Jamie Lomas.

Khan was thus selected to compete against White in the ‘Fright House’ trial which consisted of entering various rooms full of bugs and ‘jungle critters’ to find items to progress into the next phase.

The rich team had won the previous night’s challenge and Khan rocked up to White and show presenters Ant and Dec to announce how delicious the cake had been from the previous task (which they never actually ate).

Petite White, starving after several days on the rice and beans diet, didn’t seem best pleased with Amir’s banter and gave him daggers.

As the White House spoof trial began, we discovered the first room was full of slimy fish guts and the two competitors had to find themselves a pair of fish eyes each among the disgusting pile of fish carcasses.

Khan first brought viewers to tears of laughter when he tried to pull eyes out of a fish’s head and had to be told be Ant and Dec “you’re not supposed to get them that way!”

With the two contestants struggling for success, the 30 year old former world champion asked White if she could help him search with White pointing out “I’m not meant to be helping you.”

White drew first blood and progressed into the next room. The next room was full of cockroaches, meal worms and pigeons so finding the colour button to get to the next room proved troublesome.

The boxing champion caught White up and then moved ahead by finding his green switch promptly.

As Khan left the frustrated "Saturday’s” singer, he entered a room which featured a large camel which, we were told, was named “Donald Hump”. The creature sported a similar hair-style as that of the US President to give him his amusing name.

The camel had a belt on and Khan had to find two green cards to be able to get to the final part of the trial. As Vanessa re-entered the fray, Khan found his two cards and proceeded to gear up for the final part; a tunnel filled with spiders and cobwebs.

As “King Khan” crouched to all fours to enter the passage, “Donald Hump” decided to lower his massive head and take a poke at the boxing champ’s backside. Khan jumped out of his skin and let out a less-than-macho shriek while the millions of viewers, alongside the guffawing pair of Ant and Dec nearly wet themselves laughing.

It really is very funny watching Khan progress a trial and that fact, coupled with the revelation of his hefty fee for entering the show and previous success in his boxing career, may see Amir a very busy guy for the remainder of his time in camp.

As the boxing star scurried among the large spiders, he made the presenters double up yet again when he said “man don’t like spiders”, in a moment of comedy gold.

Although scared witless, the former two-time world boxing champion navigated the remainder of the challenge just seconds before White to claim victory.

As he leaped out of the final gate, Khan infuriated Vanessa further commenting “Vanessa, stay in the tunnel you look good in there.”

Moments later, the still-seething Vanessa started walking back to her camp-mates which left Khan alone with Geordie duo Ant and Dec. Khan seemed pleased with himself and hilariously tried to reveal to the presenters that he’d actually won the trial for the other camp.

As Dec smiled “yeah we know”, Khan seemed oblivious to the fact that the presenters knew that fact better than anyone.

Many speculated that Khan was fibbing when he said he’d never watched the show but we are all starting to wonder if that may not be the exaggeration we first thought.

“I don’t know why the British public keep voting for me” commentated the millionaire before the trial. “Maybe they like seeing me shriek and scream at the spiders and snakes or something” the astute Khan added.

White cried her eyes out when she returned to the segregating camp but normal service was restored later in the show when both camps were reunited and all was revealed about the trial twists. There were also plenty of tears as packages were opened from loved ones.

Khan got a photo of his daughter and revealed he’d “kind of been missing her.” The lad really could be a professional comedian as his (mostly unintentional), comic timing is something to behold.

Khan’s fee has been said to be the largest ever given to any previous “I’m a Celeb” contestant in the range of over £400,000 but, to be fair to him, he’s been one of the most entertaining celeb’s in the program's fifteen-year history.

Khan’s odds of becoming “King Khan of the jungle” have now been slashed from a whopping 16/1 to just 9/1 with “Made in Chelsea” star Georgia Toffolo still the 5/4 favourite to win the show.

Khan, who turns 31 in a couple of weeks is currently 30-4 (19 KO’s) in his boxing career and last boxed 18 months ago. He was the WBA light-welterweight champion from 2009 to 2011 before claiming the IBF and WBC Silver belts.

He was for many years linked to a bout against American legend Floyd Mayweather Jr but, even after Mayweather asked the public who he should fight and Khan won the poll, he still refused to face the Brit.

Khan’s most famous pro victories have come against boxing legends Marco Antonio Barrera, Zab Judah and Marcus Maidana and it is expected he will make his latest boxing comeback next year.

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