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Jacobs: Nobody fears GGG anymore


By @Livefight

Danny Jacobs has recently commented on how Gennady Golovkin is now hunting for the 'right' last-minute opponent, since the Canelo fight was cancelled.

The former middleweight champion, whom lost a tight decision himself to GGG, had this to say on the rumours that Sergiy Derevyanchenko was possibly in the frame:

"I do know that Sergiy has that grit and he has skills beyond belief. He’s a really talented guy." said Jacobs (video of their sparring below)

"I don’t know who would win that fight, even though I’ve been in there with both guys. May the best man win if it were to happen."

Jacobs also believes the 'mystique' around GGG has faded.

"I just think [Golovkin is] trying to go down the line of scrubs and it’s just about what sells right now.

"I think Triple-G, being that he was promoted as the devastating monster, I think the tides are kind of flipped now. I don’t think everyone is running from him. I think everyone’s gunning after him now.

"So that kind of tells you the way boxing is, the way boxing works. If Sergiy was to get that opportunity, I’d be more than happy for him."

"I guess it makes business sense because Sergiy’s probably not the biggest name in the world. But if we’re talking about true love for the sport and we’re talking about two champions, and we’re talking about all they made this guy up to be, he has to come and he has to execute that."

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