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Oscar's Jab Scores Unanimous Decision


Oscar beats Forbes via unanimous decision 120-108, 119-109 and 119-109 in what many predict as a warm up fight to the Floyd Mayweather rematch, which is expected at the close of the year.

Oscar De La Hoya utilised a weapon that many didn't see often enough in the Mayweather fight - the jab - to secure victory over the game Steve '2 pound' Forbes last night in L.A.

"It was really sharp,'' Said Forbes

"He was really using his left hand quite a bit. It was difficult. He was doubling and tripling it. That kind of jab can knock people out. It was like a piston."

"He has a lot of power,'' Forbes (33-6, 9 KO) said

"He hurt me twice. He's a smart fighter. It was an honor to fight Oscar. It was great to be in there and not go down. I hope I proved I'm a top-level fighter.''

"He definitely boxed a lot more,'' Forbes said. "He was able to keep jabbing all night long. That helped him.''

Oscar De La Hoya :-

"Obviously the key was the jab,'' De La Hoya (39-5) said. "I felt really good. People expected me to fade in the fifth or sixth round but all the rust went away around the 11th round. I'll tell you one thing. I can't wait for September.

"I wanted to prove one thing - that I could stay on my toes and pop my jab. I could have done it a lot more but I hurt my hand in the fifth or sixth round on the top of his head. After that I was biting down and throwing my hard jab.''

"If you saw my left hand now you'd see it was swollen,'' De La Hoya said. "I had to bite down and keep throwing it because Stevie Forbes was going to come on.

"This is how I plan to fight Mayweather. Straight up. On the balls of my feet. Using my jab. This is the way I wanted this fight to go. This is the same style I'm going to use to beat Mayweather because I know I can "

"Now that I've been in there with Floyd this is personal. I'm going to beat him. You watch. It's about having the perfect game plan. Have to take your time, be on your topes, pop, pop, pop. We'll get it down. This is very personal. You watch. I'm going to beat the best.''

"Now I feel sharper,'' De La Hoya said. "I'll take a week off and keep icing my (left) hand. It won't affect me whatsoever. I know it's not broken. I can work on my right hand and my conditioning. I'll be ready for Mayweather.''

Mayweather Snr added :-

"I thought Oscar would have more power than he had,'' Mayweather, Sr. said. "Now we know we have to work on that more but I thought it went well. He didn't do as much as I wanted but he did a good job.

"This basically was preparing for my son. Floyd is a better fighter than Stevie but he doesn't throw as many punches as Steve so if Oscar feints well, uses his jab a lot and counter punches he'll have a great fight.''

Highlight of fight (courtesy of youtube)

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