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The cream of British Boxing cheer on Ricky Hatton


By Livefight

Ricky 'Hitman' Hatton (44-1, 31ko's) last night closed the show at his Homecoming in front of over 55,000 fans who packed into the City of Manchester Stadium last night to cheer on their hero.

I spoke to Ricky in the changing rooms and we discussed the nerves surrounding his return to the ring.

"Yeah, it's always gonna be a bit nerve racking, coming back from a knockout defeat" he smilingly told us, whilst shadow boxing to the sounds of the Stone Rose's 'Mersey Paradise' in the background.

"How's our Mathew doing?" he asked "I get nerves for him too... as long as he's giving as good as he gets i'll be happy"

Ricky Hatton and Carl Froch at Lazcano fight

Several of the cream of British boxing were also present, with Carl Froch (pictured) and David Haye amongst the friends and family mingling around.

The Hitman made his hilarious entrance to the remixed 'High Ho Silver Lining' whilst wearing a sumo-sized sky blue 'Fat Suit' to the raucous laughter of the tens of thousands of fans, before stripping down and entering the ring to the now infamous version of 'Blue Moon' by Supra.

Hatton began fiercely, attacking and tracking the Mexican born, Californian resident.

Feinting and countering, with left hooks to the body and right hands to the head, it was one way traffic for short spells.

At one point in the first round Ricky wobbled Lazcano and seemingly got a smell of blood. This triggered the offensive mode and he seemingly started looking for the KO and put his foot on the gas.

But time and time again, when the referee was peering in as if to stop the action in Hatton's favour, the tough Lazcano came back strong, winging in shots of his own - and many of them shook Hatton in the later spells.

In the final interval before the 12th, Billy Graham made quite clear that Ricky was not to take any gambles and that the fight was won. However the Hitman still pressed the action and the two fighters exchanged to the final bell (and even slightly past it) before embracing and smiling at each other.

120-110, 118-110, and 120-108 were the final scorecards for the fight between Hatton and Juan Lazcano or the 'Hispanic causin' Panic' as he prefers to be known.

Panic, was hardly what Lazcano brought to the table, but the judge's scores do not credit the Mexican's bravery and toughness and last night's fight shown why he'd gone the distance in both a Lightweight and Light-Welterweight title fights with Jose Luis Castillo and Vivian Harris respectively in the last few years.

Next up for Ricky? well it would seem a match-up with Paulie Malignaggi is in the bag already.

The only question remains is, whether or not the fight will be made at Madison Square Garden... or will Vegas make the promoter's an offer they simply cannot refuse.

Our crystal ball tells us it might be .. LAS VEGAS again.

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