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Mundine defeats Soliman again.... whoopee

Soliman vs Mundine 3

Anthony Mundine (32-3, 23 KO) beat Sam Soliman (35-11, 13 KO) over twelve round in a unanimous decision on Wednesday night against at Vodafone Arena in Melbourne, Australia.

Official Scores were 116-112, 116-112, 117-112.

In a fight nobody really cared for, nor proved anything to anyone, 'The Man' outboxed Soliman for a third time.

In their first encounter, in 2001 for the 'Pan Pacific' IBF title they fought to a split decision in Mundine's favour.

Then in 2007 they fought again and this time the much improved Mundine beat the smaller Soliman by KO (3 knockdown rule in round 9).

So this third encounter really had no basis for taking place at all.

Mundine also ruffled feathers with uncalled for religious remarks where he stated "I'm a muslim and there is no way i can allow a Christian to beat me" which was both unsportsmanlike and typical of 'The Man' as he likes to be called lately.

Many boxing fans are also less than impressed in the fact that Mundine is choosing to duck Mikkel Kessler and vacate his WBA title in the process, to 'chase big fights at middleweight' and that Mikkel 'Needed some wins before challenging me'.

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