News December 2009

Hopkins clings to Jones fight still


Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins surprisingly says that he believes the Roy Jones jr fight was stopped prematurely and that the faded star should have been allowed to carry on in the fight, purely because he has a marquee name.

"When you have someone like Roy Jones, he deserves to get the benefit of the doubt." Said Hopkins.

"When they told me that he lost, the first thing I asked was, 'How did he lose?'

He lost on his feet, not on his back. From the video I saw, the guy was pounding away, but I don't think the ref should have stopped the fight."

Hopkins, who decisioned Enrique Ornelas last night in his first fight in over a year, still believes that he can get a fight on with Roy Jones jr, despite his rivals stunning loss to Danny Green in Australia yesterday.

"I think I can still fight him."

Roy Jones's record now stands at 54-6, with five of the losses coming his last ten bouts.

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