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Anthony Mundine stepping down to light middle


Anthony Mundine

Australia's Anthony Mundine is stepping down to the 154lb limit to take on a coalminer from Sydney called Robert Medley for the miner's IBO light middleweight title.

Mundine, who spoke out recently about 'clearing up the middleweight division' against the likes of Kelly Pavlik and Arthur Abraham has so far fought Crazy Kim, Rafael Sosa Pintos, Shannan Taylor, Daniel Geale and Alejandro Gustavo Falliga - hardly the cream of the world middleweight scene as he predicted.

Mundine was cut and dropped by Crazy Kim, a Tokyo native and his fight with Australian Daniel Geale ended amidst split decision controversy.

Mundine, who has lost to Mikkel Kessler, Purerto Rican Manny Siaca and alarmingly knocked out by 'light punching' Sven Ottke is currently ranked no7 by the Ring magazine ratings.

Mundine, who's ring nickname is 'The Man' also declared that he intends to change it to the 'Pioneer' on account of his weight dropping 'achievements'.

"From this date forth, I don't want to be known as Anthony 'The Man' Mundine. I want to be known as Anthony 'The Pioneer' Mundine.

"I'm into doing s**t, being the pioneer, and doing stuff that ain't been done and this is a history-making fight."

"I'm the best. I am going to be the first fighter in the history of time - I mean, we're talking thousands and hundreds of thousands of fighters and greats, legends - no one's done this, what I'm about to do.

"That's why I'm going to be 'The Pioneer'."

Meanwhile his light middleweight opponent thinks Mundine will be tailor made for him at his natural weight.

"Too much of a mouth mate. He never shuts it up," the 28-year-old Medley said.

The fight looks set to take place on January the 11th 2010 at the Sydney Entertainment centre.

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