News December 2009

Adam Booth: There is a simple answer to defeat Klitschko


Adam Booth

Vitali Klitschko did his best to entertain the crowd against unwilling Kevin Johnson last night whilst defending his WBC heavyweight title in Bern last night. Vitali won pretty much every round on each of the judges scorecards.

But despite his dominating performance, it rightly drew critical analysis from David Haye's trainer, Adam Booth today.

Adam Booth said: "It was a typical Vitali performance. He does the same thing over and over again and everybody that he fights is unable to pose a question of his style.

He plants his feet in range, uses his height to lean back out of the way of hitting coming back that may have substance on it and uses his strong arms to push so repetitively.

He does the same thing every second of every round of every fight and it amazes me that these so-called elite heavyweights cannot figure out that there is a simple answer to that style to be able to land your punches."

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