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Goodwin Promotions: The return of Graham Earl


The Return of a Champion – 13th March 2010

By Lee Collier

Goodwin Promotions

On the 13th March 2010 a new UK based promotion is attempting to breathe life into British boxing. Goodwin promotions will put on their first promotion entitled “The return of a champion” which will see former British, European and WBU champion Graham Earl giving boxing one last crack.

Goodwin’s background is that he has been a financial advisor for the last 20 years and was also the mastermind behind the arrival of Diamond Racing back in 1994.

Goodwin came up with the idea of Goodwin promotions after leaving many small hall shows disappointed as a fan. “My view of the small hall shows was I could see why the attendances where so low, you haven’t got the entertainment, the charismatic ring entrances that boxing requires,” explained Goodwin.

““The shows I will put on will be more upbeat. They will have proper ring entrances with tunnels installed in the arena, we will have special effects and are looking to be creative and innovative.

Goodwin continued, “We are going to introduce ringside interviews after the fight which will go through the speaker system so the fans can listen in. We will have champagne receptions and after show party’s. The people who attend the shows are invited and the deal with the boxers is that they have to attend so the fans can get to meet them. We are hoping to create a following for our fighters.”

Joining Graham Earl at Goodwin Promotions are unbeaten Harry Matthews, Blaine Courtney, Michael Devine, Jamie Boness, Gavin Putney, Daley Ojuederie, Geroge Hillyard and Shanee Martin who is looking to fight for another World title soon.

Goodwin is keen to try and promote and build up women’s boxing, “We will start staging woman’s boxing, if no one else will do it I will. We have signed Shayne Martin and if she wins her fight in April she is being put up for a world title in Japan, and I am happy to bring the champion over here and stage it in the UK.”

First up in 2010 for Goodwin Promotions is a 6 bout fight card in Milton Keynes headlined by Graham Earl. ““The first show will be a six bout fight card headlined by Graham Earl and will feature the unbeaten Harry Matthews, George Hillyard, Jamie Boness and a couple of local boxers in Blaine Courtney and Gavin Putney.”

Goodwin signalled his intent on matching his fighters in entertaining fights, “We are going to put on decent shows, we won’t use the poor journeymen, and we are not interested in padding fighter’s records. What we are interested in putting on good shows that will bring the fans in and build up a following for out fighters.”

Goodwin finished off by talking about his vision for Goodwin promotions. “We have our first three shows, two in Milton Keynes and the other in the York Hall. I expect to be staging between 20 and 25 shows in 2011.

““I am not into it to make money over the first few years,” explained Goodwin. “I am after building up my presence in boxing, ultimately the objective is to become one of the top promoters by doing it the right way with entertaining shows and by treating my boxers right.”

Becoming a boxing promoter is difficult enough without any experience in the fight game yet Goodwin feels he has found the perfect advisor in main fighter Graham Earl.
“Graham Earl is our matchmaker and is our boxing advisor and I am working quite closely with Graham. Goodwin Promotions and Graham Earl are going to be working alongside each other for the long term. It is irrelevant how Graham’s comeback fight goes, he will be staying with Goodwin Promotions.”

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